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Why aren't all-aluminum homes common?

Although a lot of furniture enterprises have see consumers for the product environmental performance of notice, in the face of huge potential consumer groups, the personage inside course of study thinks, furniture enterprises need to break the mindset, all aluminum profile is it expensive furniture, to provide for its own products market positioning, response to market changes, grasp the green ecological characteristics of consumer demand, real grip on the market opportunity, Earn profits.

According to relevant data, the advantages of all-aluminum furniture profiles, 53.8% of consumers in China buy green products, and 30% of residents welcome green building materials. It can be seen that the future of our domestic furniture market will be the mainstream of "green consumption".

The multi-level demand structure and the large low-end demand are the reasons for the low industry concentration in China: the furniture manufacturing industry has low entry threshold, diversified consumer choice objectives and low concentration degree. There are two main reasons:

First, it is the multi-level demand structure formed by the unbalanced development between urban and rural areas, eastern and western regions in China. All-aluminum furniture profile manufacturers, single enterprise's products are difficult to meet the consumer demand of different levels, and most enterprises only focus on a certain consumer layer;

​second, there is a huge demand for low-end furniture, poor brand awareness of consumers, and lack of industry standards, which directly leads to the number of small and medium-sized furniture manufacturers targeting low-end consumers in China.


It will take some time for all aluminum furniture profiles to become the main custom furniture in the future, but it is a big trend after all.

All-aluminum furniture profiles are expanding in various regions and driving the development of the industry. People's pursuit of humanization and comfort of all-aluminum furniture profiles is getting higher and higher, which promotes the mature development of all-aluminum furniture profiles industry.

Now customized furniture has become an overwhelming trend of customization -- according to the design requirements of consumers to create the exclusive household of consumers, then, the three advantages of the whole house customization, do you understand? Why is full-house custom furniture so popular? Zero formaldehyde is the key!

For traditional furniture, it can only give you ready-made furniture production, with the pace of mass market development. But in fact, in the concept of full-house all-aluminum customization, designers can design furniture according to the different needs of consumers, personal preferences,

In the color style, size and even style, it is better to win the love of consumers. In contrast, consumers will prefer the whole house to all aluminum custom furniture.

Modern young people pursue personalized fashion concepts, furniture on the basis of paying attention to practical, its artistic value and aesthetic function are increasingly prominent.

As an upgraded version of the whole furniture, all aluminum furniture profile high L end customization outstanding personality, pay attention to the depth of communication with consumers in the design process, can fully combine the consumer's living habits and aesthetic standards.​

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