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With all aluminum home decoration, the more you live the more satisfied

"More than a year ago, skin decoration new home to choose new decoration materials - all aluminum homes, at the beginning just hold a try mentality, now live for nearly a year, did not expect to live more satisfied, more and more like!

The level of appearance is too high. I like it.​

Originally intended to use all aluminum home decoration is attracted by its decoration effect. When choosing decoration materials, I went to the store to see the real experience of the whole aluminum home. The integrated decoration style from the kitchen to the bedroom is very good, and the range of styles to choose from is also many. Almost on the spot, I decided to use the whole aluminum home decoration.

In the later design and installation process, all aluminum home stored according to the residents of the style preferences and home layout design renderings, the two sides repeatedly confirm the details of formal construction installation, and finally installed out of the effect of soft installation, almost exactly the same as the renderings! Happily, after the decoration in the soft outfit with all aluminum home stores also gave him a lot of advice, let him save a lot of unnecessary trouble, the final effect is beyond expectations!

The most important thing is that since the use of all aluminum homes, we no longer need to worry about cabinet cracking or falling off! Xiaobian has lived for nearly a year, and the appearance of the home is the same as when just moved in, read scan new home people have praised, cast envious eyes.

b0ef6fda0f0420c5a4d2af7e6e2d9caeIt's environmentally friendly, much better than polluting materials.​

The house was decorated with paint before, when just moved in, emitted a pungent smell, formaldehyde pollution is very serious, which makes Xiaobian uncomfortable for a long time.

Xiaobian's new home is different. All aluminum homes have been known for environmental protection. They can be called "zero formaldehyde" products, in line with the concept of national environmental protection, no window ventilation, directly in, no bad taste, the air is very fresh! Don't know, after using it, I found that I can't leave the aluminum home completely.

To know that the production process of aluminum home using high temperature extrusion, high temperature laminating, abandoning the glue and other chemicals, eliminating the production of formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances, is very safe.

Easy to clean, easy to do housework

The home that decorated with board type furniture is easily dirty, bad clean again, metope east one west one, very ugly, this is very makes a headache. But the new home after all aluminum homes do not exist. This worry, cabinet cleaning becomes very convenient!

The aluminum material that uses place of whole aluminum household surface passes special craft processing, because this has easy swabbing the characteristic that does not be out of shape. When the cabinet body has stains, small make-up only wet cloth scrubbing, and it is very easy to erase wall stains, you also need not worry about the damage caused by cleaning the cabinet.

All aluminum homes can be directly swabbed with cloth, completely solving the difficult problem of swabbed panel furniture, keeping the wall as old as new. All aluminum homes make skin home life more and more easy, clean life without burden, all aluminum homes make me super satisfied!

With full aluminum home decoration of the new house now living for a year, more live more satisfied! I have no reason to regret the all-aluminum home. High appearance level, green and easy to clean all aluminum homes, is really suitable for decoration!

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