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Why the all-aluminum home will become the darling of the new era?

All aluminum homes · Easy to clean

The surface is treated with foreign advanced technology, which is not only fashionable and beautiful, but also easier to clean. It can be directly cleaned with water, without blistering and deformation, making your life easier.

All aluminum homes, stylish and elegant.​

Variety and variety, according to personal preference free design, free collocation. Western European style, Athens charm, Chinese traditional, Roman style, French romance, high-grade style, elegant and chic style. Highlight free personality, highlight unique charm.

All aluminum homes · Save time and trouble

Lock type is used when designing fast outfit means, but direct bend, pair of spell, fold, direct installation, one-step reach the designated position, installation is not trippy, common woodworking master can let you decorate cycle no longer too long and trouble.

c2614777f23d2cf4a67e62b61c2b7a26All aluminum home furnishing · Super hardness

With aluminum alloy as the base material, the real environmental protection material, enhance the hardness and strength, impact resistance, friction resistance, not afraid of scratching, make your life better.

All-aluminum household · Fire protection and moisture resistance

The fire rating of all aluminum households is tested by the authority and can reach B1 level, so its fire protection is completely cleared. This product can be moisture-proof, avoid in the plum rain season, furniture back damp rotting mildew phenomenon!

All aluminum homes, save installation time cost

The installation of all aluminum homes is very simple, and can be fixed with a lock directly, so as to save the cost of installation time.

​full aluminium household has many virtues, apparently have already made up for the drawbacks of traditional decoration brings. I believe you have seen after also has the whole aluminum household had certain understanding, now people have higher and higher requirements for home outfit, era progress, all aluminum household set many other advantages in one, became the darling of the new environmental protection decoration.

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