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Why panel home furnishing market will transform into aluminum alloy home furnishing?

What is an all-aluminum home? What is the effect? Is it really zero formaldehyde? And so on, which can not help but let us sigh, so we do not understand the aluminum home! But whether it is recognized or questioned, the reaction of the public all aluminum homes this new product in the market to get attention, why China from the plate home market will be transformed into aluminum alloy homes?

​The Chinese profile is the first in the world, but the quality of all aluminum furniture is different.​

The all-aluminum furniture concept has been popular for nearly four years, but the final feedback has been disappointing. And when consumers question the application technology of aluminum, it is the objective reality that the Chinese aluminum profile has already jumped to first place in the world.

According to statistics, 90% of the world landmarks and super high-rise buildings are aluminum profiles exported from China. With so many magnificent architectural examples, there is no doubt about the quality and technology of Chinese aluminum.

In addition to being used in construction, aluminum is also used in industry, high-tech military, automobile, aerospace, high-speed rail, submarines and other shell and precision parts are mostly aluminum products, many large profile enterprises perennial for China's transportation, military, packaging and other products to provide customized aluminum industry services. Aluminum in North America, Japan and other developed countries accounted for up to 70%-80%.

Compared with high technology, high precision and high difficulty of industrial aluminum, the technical difficulty coefficient of all aluminum furniture is obvious, but why are all aluminum furniture dealers so unsatisfactory?

192f1a9d92ee27af7a280f2bd5a75528Because there is no long, all aluminum household in China propaganda is not big enough, there are a lot of people who have not heard of the whole aluminum household. At the same time, enterprise is not an independent research and development ability, more still in a stage of development, it has not really played a whole aluminum furniture product quality and advantages, making full aluminium household word once in "bottom".

However, all-aluminum furniture is not a gorgeous gimmick, it can be developed and promoted, and even subvert the industry in the future, replacing wood furniture that is not environmentally friendly enough. At the same time, the state-supported environmental protection industry, all-aluminum home development is just around the corner.

Policy + market, board type household transformation opportunity has come

Supported by national policies, enterprises are transforming and upgrading

In the "11th Five-Year Plan" and "12th Five-Year Plan", the country has continued to promote supply-side structural reform, attaches great importance to energy conservation and environmental protection and vigorously promotes it. All aluminum home furnishing has responded to the national call for independent innovation, transformation and upgrading, and vigorously gives play to the characteristics of aluminum recycling, so that aluminum products can be better used in living life.

d1505eab7b426e046f5a38c3fb3fef47Public perception changes, and the demand for safety increases

20 years ago, China's per capita living standards and changed today's living standard, people have been on board type furniture consumption lags behind, however, do not take the, the habit of buying also tend to more low price, cause the board type furniture more for more fierce, with quality is becoming more and more worse, until the formaldehyde poisoning occurred frequently in recent years, this to cause people's attention to furniture.

Under the premise of ensuring the most basic safety, an all-aluminum home can also have waterproof, fire, mildew, insect and ant prevention functions, which is a good product worthy of more value, rather than just a simple household home.

The market updates too quickly and competition becomes greater

However, with less and less land, the market competition is getting bigger and bigger, and real estate has become saturated. With the development of the Internet, today's market has become complicated and changeable, unlike 20 years ago. No one knows what products will emerge tomorrow and what products can become the mainstream of the market, thus changing the industry pattern.

All-aluminum homes have seized the opportunity to sprout and develop in the Chinese market, and constantly research and develop new fields, hoping to seize the opportunity to seize market share in the future market.

Ensure quality, independent innovation

According to the aluminum sunshine aluminum home to take the lead in industry standards, not only to ensure the high quality of products, but also to remind themselves of the need to develop innovation. How to let consumers accept more and better aluminum alloy homes, according to aluminum sunshine, all members of the war of all aluminum homes.

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