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Why more and more families choose all aluminum home customization

In recent years, the whole aluminum home is slowly on the road of rapid development, gradually maturing. Different from the traditional wood plate home furnishing, the whole aluminum home furnishing has great differences in consumer positioning, price, quality and style. Full aluminum home customization has many advantages. As a consumer, choose full aluminum home in addition to considering the price, design style, but also consider some other important factors.

Healthy environmental protection

All aluminum homes are made of high quality aluminum alloy, no pollution, no smell, completely eradicate formaldehyde from the bottom, do zero formaldehyde in a real sense, is the first choice for environmental protection home decoration.

​Beauty is generous.​

All aluminum surfaces are smooth and bright, no grease, easy to clean; ​exquisite craft creates exquisite products, light luxury simple fashion style, everywhere reflects the noble, atmospheric and elegant.

25ebb55c26b255e859372628266346daWaterproof, moisture-proof, acid-proof

​traditional plate household is not waterproof, moisture-proof, encounter water or long-term in the damp place will expand, encounter acid and alkali things will cause corrosion, damage, but the use of full aluminum household need not worry about these problems.

Fire and high temperature resistance

The kitchen often stir-fry cooking, the balcony often sun and rain, so the use of fire and preventing high temperature material is very key. And the whole aluminum home is not afraid of high temperatures, will not crack, completely eliminate the insecurity in use, prolong the service life of the home!

Fine workmanship, no deformation

All aluminum home unique production process, laser cutting, higher accuracy, good all aluminum home production technology is never deformation, will not occur discoloration.


All aluminum homes with all aluminum alloy as raw materials, the use of exquisite production technology to make it durable, not easy to damage deformation, longer service life.

Various colors​

All aluminum home color production points: light technology, matte technology, imitation wood grain technology and square rock plate technology, uniform color, diversity, not easy to fall, beautiful and generous.

Learn more about aluminum home furnishing knowledge. You can continue to pay attention to us, all aluminum home furnishing with fashion cutting-edge art design, the high quality of all aluminum process into the home culture, covering all aluminum home furnishing products and customized services.

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