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Where does all-aluminum home come from?

Everyone is not strange to aluminum alloys, because it is very widely used in doors and windows, such as balcony doors, all kinds of window frames, bathroom doors and kitchen door frames, cabinet door frames... Industrial buildings a little attention to friends will see some high-rise glass curtain wall frames, high-end baby strollers, children's bicycles, mountain bikes, etc., are used in aluminum alloys.

The main characteristics of aluminum alloy profiles are light, tough, high strength, high wear resistance and heat resistance, etc., it has been widely used in aerospace, automobile, machinery, shipbuilding and other industries.

All-aluminum home is the natural emergence of solid wood and plate home after the bottleneck, but also the inevitable stage of new things to eliminate the old things; ​because everyone is full of "worries and fears" for formaldehyde, xylene and other excessive threats to human health panel homes, the desire for green homes, aluminum homes are born in response to the national environmental protection policy.

All aluminum home applications and origin of all aluminum door and window surface technology mature application. No matter from the strength, waterproof, fire and other aspects of consideration, or the pursuit of personalized, beautiful, decorative, aluminum alloy can all meet the needs of various terminal groups.

15d55d9f91ce1d616c8eb94bebe477ffBefore the solid wood or plate home contains formaldehyde is not environmental protection, people living in this environment will have chronic poisoning, but also not waterproof, moisture-proof, fire, etc., easy to discolor, spot, mildew and deformation. These determine its service life is not long (the general service life of 5 years),

The service life of all aluminum homes is more than 30 years, and all aluminum homes also solve all kinds of problems that plate homes do not have, playing a very good mothproof, waterproof, fire, flame retardant, easy to change color, easy to rot, easy to smell and other effects.

All kinds of aluminum home products (cabinet, wardrobe, bookcase, wine cabinet, bathroom cabinet, washing wardrobe, TV cabinet, shoe cabinet, tatami bed, integrated ceiling, etc.)99% of the material is aluminum alloy, the rest 1% refers to functional accessories, connectors, protective pieces.

All aluminum household green environmental protection, zero formaldehyde, strong antibacterial, no smell, fire, waterproof and moth-proof, tight, firm, beautiful and durable for 30 years, no mildew and no cracking.

All-aluminum homes have been accompanied by the popularity of customized home furnishing since their birth. Customized all-aluminum home furnishing has become one of the advantages of promoting the sustainable and healthy development of all-aluminum home furnishing by virtue of the effective use of home space, embodying personalized consumption and strong sense of modernity.

That despite the whole aluminum household also like "in a" new home, but with the passage of time, the whole aluminum household has many advantages by advocating health and safety gradually household, cognitive more consumer groups, the development potential and prospect of the future is difficult to measure, at the very least become with solid wood and plate one household can rival household category.

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