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What's the difference between an all-aluminum home and a plate home?

From the aluminum profile enterprises began to enter the field of building materials home, with all aluminum home interpretation of "aluminum instead of wood" health and environmental protection concept, then, what is the difference between all aluminum home and our common plate home? Where is the advantage of all aluminum homes?

The aluminum home furnishing industry into a national vane! All aluminum homes with "all aluminum + green + intelligent" have become a new direction of transformation of new industries, new industry positioning in the future!

All-aluminum home vs. Traditional Home All-aluminum home has more advantages than wood home

The 1st point: color and board type household close

All aluminum homes in aluminum made high temperature wood grain transfer printing surface treatment, and the color of wood is very similar, similar, there is no cold metal feeling, more warm.

049f5b68b8c8147b087158613a437ebaPoint 2: wide coverage

Wide coverage. All aluminum home products can be seen in the category of traditional furniture, such as kitchen (cabinet, hanging cabinet), bathroom (bathroom cabinet), wine cabinet, wardrobe, desk, park flower base, etc., the range is still expanding.

The 3rd point: more advantageous than woodiness lives in

​It has more advantages than a wooden home. ​An All-aluminum home with formaldehyde free, firm, durable (warranty for 30-50 years), recycling value and other advantages, cost-effective than wood home has more advantages.

The 4th point: price and brand board type household are equivalent

The price is equivalent to a brand plate household. The price of all aluminum home furnishing and brand plate home furnishing are comparable, lower than solid wood home furnishing.

The birth of the concept of "all aluminum home"

Make to change household to have individuation and good receive a function, be favored for more and more consumer places. At present, customized home furnishing occupies about 20-30% of China's overall furniture market share;

​in 2018, the market share of China's full-home custom home industry rose to 33 percent from 22 percent in 2017... Melamine plates and other traditional plate customs homes are the rulers of the traditional market. The emergence of the aluminum home furnishing industry is to see the consumption pain point of plate home furnishing.

At the beginning, I thought of the concept of an "all-aluminum home". First of all, there are a lot of children with leukemia now, which is caused by formaldehyde in wood homes and other decoration products, and I thought of national policy issues such as "protecting forest resources, recycling and environmental protection", so I created the concept of an all-aluminum home.

Enter all aluminum homes, on the one hand, is forced by the aluminum profile market; ​on the other hand, aluminum surface treatment technology has become more and more mature (make wood grain and wood similar, even better than log grain, brightness, color, weather resistance is relatively strong, firm, and durable... "Aluminum instead of wood" is perfectly feasible.

dec92c5c6d06bc7276db049421066b7bHow to extend all aluminum homes from aluminum alloy profiles?

​The Non-ferrous metal and aluminum industry has been brilliant. In recent years under the influence of various factors, the traditional model of aluminum industry in the past, the profit margin is becoming smaller and smaller, in need of transformation and upgrading. From the aluminum alloy profile extension manufacturing of aluminum home, there are many traditional aluminum profile enterprises trying to cross.

The optimized design of the traditional structure and connection performance of all-aluminum home furnishing brings customers a better use experience.

In the current wood home market, wardrobes and other products are fixed by a row of butterfly grooves or waist grooves with screws, which is difficult to install.

We optimize the traditional structure and connection performance design: to make the overall appearance of the wardrobe, the layout, laminating, format -- customer choice.

Such as the traditional do a conventional wardrobe, 400mm, 500mm height of the proportion, after the installation, the laminate height is difficult to adjust. So, chest layer board can be adjusted (structure), with hexagonal key a few small screws loose, can undertake the adjustment of discretion.

All aluminum household industry pain points from automated production are still far away.​

The key point of transformation of small and medium-sized traditional aluminum profile enterprises to customized home furnishing is to grasp the trend of the home furnishing industry. All-aluminum home furnishing is waterproof, moisture-proof, fire-retardant, quality guaranteed, durable for 50 years, comfortable and odor-free, 0 formaldehyde, recyclable and reused, which has obvious advantages compared to plate home furnishing.

However, the market function of all-aluminum home furnishing is still in its infancy. Most small and medium-sized production enterprises are limited by technological strength and flexible production capacity, and their production mode still stays in manual mode.

The realization of intelligent automatic production is the common expectation of Dali aluminum home furnishing industry enterprises. On the one hand, the association is coordinating with relevant strength and production enterprises to solve, and on the other hand, "fool type" complete aluminum household assembling mode has become the direction of partial enterprises.

According to the expanded area, to make a wardrobe, a master can do 10-15m production a day. All aluminum home furnishing through mechanical equipment, artificial assembly and other processes, there is still a distance from full automatic production. The pain point facing all our enterprises is mass production and mass production.

The direction of all aluminum furniture is to slowly move towards accessories, and the board, side plate and bottom plate of each cabinet are basically made into accessories. Customers can take my accessories, and I will issue an installation drawing according to your requirements. As in the market and foreign countries now, buy a wardrobe, you choose the drawings. I match the accessories according to the drawings. According to their own drawings can be easy and fast installation.

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