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What's so great about the eco-friendly aluminum home?

More and more people pay attention to health, more and more people pay attention to the pursuit of life and enjoy life. In the choice of decoration materials, people will be the first choice of healthy and environmentally friendly brand products.

And really do no pollution zero formaldehyde of the traditional decorative materials really very few, just at this time a cost-effective, environmental protection and health of the decoration materials - all aluminum home shock come out!

How long is the life of all aluminum home decoration? Compared with the traditional panel home, why is there such a big difference? The life of aluminum home decoration is mainly related to raw materials, production technology and maintenance.

All aluminum household raw materials

Now the most popular on the market for "aluminum alloy" aluminum home, environmental protection and health at the same time, but also to ensure the toughness of the product at the same time, and ensure hardness.

Aluminum household is based on mineral aluminum as the main raw material, the use of high temperature state extrusion molding. Surface spray thermal transfer processing product surface treatment color diversity!

827f3afe53cf67abaf3fa71f2bf5ea78Wooden transfer processing, from the appearance of the same as wooden furniture, has a strong heat resistance. The test shows that the ability to withstand the temperature difference of 200℃ without being destroyed, even if the whole ignited after being placed on it, after a long time burning also damage its surface, to overcome the shortcomings of the general plate can not withstand burning.

An all-aluminum home can't hurt

It is an epoch-making change in the field of furniture manufacturing to make furniture with aluminum alloy, and it also has positive significance for the destocking of the aluminum industry in China.

All aluminum furniture has zero armour , healthy and pollution-free, firm and durable, recyclable and other advantages, absolutely green environmental protection.
In addition, compared with wooden furniture, all aluminum furniture still has the advantages of moth-proof and ant-proof, waterproof and flame retardant, and short production cycle.

All aluminum home late maintenance for zero

In the process of use as long as the attention is not too sharp objects to depict, there will not be too much impact. ​Usually, if you encounter dirty cleaning, direct wet towel scrubbing can be. General normal use, aluminum household life is generally 30~50 years no problem.

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