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What are the advantages of all aluminum home, know these let life improve a level

As a new dark horse in the home decoration market, all aluminum homes have received all kinds of attention from the beginning, and all aluminum homes also depend on the characteristics of their own products to become the main household products on the market now, so how much do we know about all aluminum homes? Let's take a look at all aluminum homes, and what are the characteristics of all aluminum homes.

1. Compared with panel furniture and expensive solid wood furniture, which is difficult to get rid of formaldehyde, the advantages of all-aluminum furniture are obvious:

(1) Zero formaldehyde, renewable materials, aluminum furniture using aluminum profile structure, to avoid the formaldehyde pollution of plate furniture, but also can greatly reduce the amount of deforestation;

② Fire resistance and moisture resistance, very suitable for kitchen and bathroom space, very suitable for the production of all-aluminum cabinets and all-aluminum bathroom cabinets;

(4) The price is excellent. Aluminum furniture has more competitive advantages than panel furniture and solid wood furniture.

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