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To aluminum wood, all aluminum home big score!

With the rapid development of society, the living standard of the public has been steadily improving, and the pursuit of the quality of life of the public is also climbing. The most typical is the requirement that household decorates, compared with many years ago already, are day difference ground is different.

People's realization has changed slowly from the traditional decoration materials, and they turn to the pursuit of green, environmental protection, fast, fashionable decoration materials.

In this situation, the emergence of an all-aluminum home makes many consumers shine at the moment. In today's fast-paced urban era, an all-aluminum home is warmly welcomed by the market, favored and loved by consumers, and its share in the whole market is getting higher and higher.​

So why can all aluminum homes be so deep in the hearts of consumers, become the first choice of many family decoration materials? The main reason is the high cost performance of all aluminum furniture, especially compared with traditional wood furniture. The advantage is more prominent.

Since ancient times, all feel that the original ecological high-grade wooden furniture is beautiful, woodiness furniture has the natural texture, also makes it full of the charm of natural and pure and fresh, but, when you're rushed to buy a set of wooden furniture back home, only to find that the home of the formaldehyde content was high, furniture is not solid. reality, is this why?

07cf0565a2ab24c1d68c6bdf13c72830Very likely, the real wood that you take for granted thinks and businessman mouth is not a thing at all. Now businessmen for profit, do furniture to achieve profit purpose with grain board or particleboard.

This material of furniture is the need for glue to bond, and wood itself contains formaldehyde, coupled with the effective fixing of formaldehyde, formaldehyde is excessive, formaldehyde is a colorless and tasteless liquid,

Mainly exists in urea-formaldehyde resin based adhesive, is a good fixative, formaldehyde volatilization period is long, up to 3-15 years, has great harm to human skin and mucous membrane stimulation.

When formaldehyde reaches a certain concentration indoors, people will feel uncomfortable. Formaldehyde in the room is greater than 0.08 cubic meters, which can cause itching eyes, throat discomfort or pain, hoarseness, chest tightness and asthma. Health and environmental protection is our pursuit of life. If there is no good environment, good decoration, we talk about what an annual home.

In recent years, the state vigorously promotes environmental protection society, and people's awareness of environmental protection is stronger, so that all aluminum home furnishing becomes a hot seller in the field of environmental protection home furnishing.

The raw material of an all-aluminum home is aluminum, which is one of the most abundant metal elements in the earth's crust. The factory uses non-adhesive and aldehyde-free materials for production and processing to achieve zero formaldehyde all-aluminum home.

44c07763478ea4ca2699d211aea70262All-aluminum homes are more than four times stronger than wood furniture, last for 50 years, and can be recycled without wasting any resources.

All aluminum home fire and waterproof moth is the convenience of furniture. Our kitchen and bathroom are the most suitable. All aluminum furniture is tight and firm, beautiful and durable for all kinds of furniture decoration,

All aluminum home fire and waterproof moth is the convenience of furniture. Our kitchen and bathroom are the most suitable. All aluminum furniture is tight and firm, beautiful and durable for all kinds of furniture decoration,

Its reasonable structure, simple and generous, humanized design with mild colors, it seems that our life is a low-key luxury, modern aluminum home quietly popular, to provide us with a leisurely and comfortable home life.

In addition, aluminum home thermal insulation, fire protection, moistureproof, sound insulation, dirty and other advantages, is a complete victory over the traditional decorative materials. It is no exaggeration to say that all aluminum homes have such a high cost performance, a full range of traditional materials, so more and more people love them.

Decoration is a matter of very low fault tolerance rate. Sometimes a choice is a lifetime will not change, then why not choose a more cost-effective aluminum home, let yourself live more comfortably.

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