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There are so many manufacturers of all aluminum furniture. Do you really know all aluminum furniture

All aluminum furniture as a modern product, has a very profound significance - to protect the forest, to aluminum instead of wood, let everyone an "aldehyde" live! It presents a healthy and environmentally friendly life concept, a variety of superior performance also lets home life become more colorful. But at present, there are more and more manufacturers of all aluminum furniture on the market, and the products are more and more uneven. So if you want to find a good manufacturer of all aluminum furniture, you must first understand all aluminum furniture.

Now the biggest advantage of all aluminum furniture is green environmental protection. This is because aluminum alloy, cold rolled steel plate and other metal materials are some of the processing of mineral resources. With the development of the metal industry, the metal materials will not waste resources on the social environment and destroy the ecological environment from the raw materials being mined, processed, and eliminated. So the biggest advantage of this aluminum alloy furniture is green environmental protection, and can be reused, high utilization rate of resource products. There will not be the problem of formaldehyde exceeding the standard in general furniture.

All aluminum furniture manufacturers do not use auxiliary materials in the manufacturing process to avoid the superposition of pollution of raw and auxiliary materials and release more harmful gases. Traditional furniture combination of the main decorative materials and auxiliary materials at least dozens of. Paint, coating and various lines. With so many decorative materials stacked together, there are thousands of harmful gases. Do you think the amount of formaldehyde released can be reduced?

The most important quality of all aluminum furniture is reflected in its process details, whether the edge is firm, whether the chamfer is smooth, whether the plate surface treatment is uniform, whether the texture is clear, abrasion resistance and so on.

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