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The prospect and selling point of all-aluminum home customization

1, all aluminum home customization prospects

All aluminum home in the production process will use good strength aluminum alloy profiles. These aluminum profiles, after a series of bending processes, can meet the functional needs of many aspects.

Many aluminum homes in our current market are designed with convenient functions such as multi-pumping, multi-door and mobile, which can be achieved in many products.

2, all aluminum customization advantages -- waterproof, moth-proof, fire burning, no deformation, impact resistance, easy to clean, while taking into account the surface texture of solid wood furniture, can be said to meet the needs of most decoration styles.

All aluminum furniture is made of aluminum alloy furniture. It is simpler than other furniture personalities, respected and loved by young people.

748c2ba4baaac210a4f6193ed6f995a2There are many advantages. All aluminum furniture has all the advantages of an aluminum profile. Its strength is better than general wooden furniture, so it can ensure that it is not easy to deformation in the process of use. The service life is relatively long. Life is up to 50 years old.

The selling point of all-aluminum homes?

1, low cost, considerable profit, easy to assemble, fast and efficient

All aluminum homes only need material sawing, a piece of piecetogether, and then use special corner code accessories. Assembly can be a simple structure, no matter if you have a woodworking foundation, that is to see that will, low labor cost, installation out of work fast!

2. Changing shape, fashionable and practical; ​by a variety of profiles, reasonable design, easy to install! Low cost! Profiles can be assembled at will with a variety of different styles of wardrobes, cabinets, hanging cabinets, shoe cabinets, bathroom cabinets, display cabinets, wine cabinets, office cabinets, TV cabinets, background wall and so on!

3. Reasonable design and firm structure; ​all aluminum household profiles adopt high technology heat transfer printing wood grain spray color processing, composed of a variety of aluminum profiles, reasonable design, easy installation!

The structure design is reasonable, the indirect seam of the layer board is small, the bearing capacity is high, and the finished product is firm and firm, in line with the principle of ergonomics.

f7525a63f6f6f7dd5f74b1db6c5b8e5a4, the trend, broad prospects; ​the current solid wood furniture and panel furniture containing formaldehyde exceeds the standard is not environmental protection, people living in this environment will be chronic poisoning, but also not waterproof, moisture-proof, fire and so on, easy to discoloration, spots, mildew and deformation. These determine its service life is not long,

All aluminum furniture solves all the above problems, so it is an inevitable trend to replace solid wood furniture and panel furniture.

In terms of market share, traditional wood furniture is still the main furniture, and all aluminum furniture only accounts for a small part of the market.

Therefore, in order to make the public accept all-aluminum furniture and choose all-aluminum furniture, we must do a full range of services, especially the follow-up maintenance and recycling services, and constantly improve consumers' experience of all-aluminum furniture, so that consumers can buy at ease and use it comfortably, so as to truly win the favor of consumers and the recognition of the industry.

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