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The experience of all-aluminum home is so strong!

House decoration, at the beginning of the effect does not represent what, the actual check-in experience is the most important, and all aluminum homes are great. Not only is the decoration effect good, the user's actual check-in experience is also great!

All aluminum homes tested by the national authority, environmental protection grade E0, that is, the highest international formaldehyde content standard. In the actual use of all kinds of feelings, it also just proved this point.

Healthy environmental protection, protect the health of the body

Plants are not easy to die: if the house formaldehyde exceeds the standard, plants are prone to wither and die, and in the home of aluminum home decoration as long as the breeding method is correct, care, plants are full of vitality, but also can blossom and bear fruit.

Can not smell the pungent taste: formaldehyde exceeds the standard people are easy to dizziness and nausea, thus the immune decline, living in the home of aluminum home decoration not only can not smell the pungent smell, the body is strong, happy every day.

Indoor air quality is excellent: formaldehyde exceeds the standard, please professional formaldehyde testing company detection is certainly not up to standard, and all aluminum home test results are completely up to standard, indoor air quality is excellent, do not have to be afraid of formaldehyde.

d0c721b1a34a8b5b5b91a9df86444bfb​It easy to clean, saves more than half of the effort.​

All-aluminum household cleaning work is easy, the surface can withstand friction. in actual use. If there dirt on the surface of all-aluminum household, how to deal with it? Different ways of disposing of dirt vary, but the common denominator is simplicity.

1. Dust: If there is dust on the surface of the all-aluminum furniture, just use a cleaning tool like a feather duster to gently brush it off.

2. Handwriting: if there are children in the home, accidentally they will leave color pens, pencils and other marks in the cabinet. This time directly with eraser erase, stubborn people can use dry cloth dipped in alcohol erase.

3 mud, glue and other besmirch: if the cabinet body has more "wonderful" besmirch, so take out a piece of cardboard to scrape above all, reoccupy wet cloth to scrub can.

4 gap cleaning: all aluminum homes will inevitably have gaps, but want to clean the dust in the gap is also very simple, first with cards like things scraped out, and then with a hair dryer can blow.

Waterproof moistureproof, furniture as long as new

All aluminum homes are new, waterproof and moisture-proof advantages for it to help a lot. In actual use, encounter this weather, all aluminum homes also need not be afraid.

Return of tide:

When the spring comes back to the temperature, the room will be easy to return to the phenomenon of moisture. The traditional decoration materials of the cabinet are easy to appear in the "damp, mildew" situation, and with all aluminum home decoration home, the fundamental "damp, mildew" situation need not be afraid.

The return of the South:

Of the south answer south day rain is about 10 days half a month, the board type furniture that traditional decorates material appears easily mildew, hair yellow, fall off phenomenon. This phenomenon will not occur in all aluminum homes, durable, furniture as new.

High quality life, all aluminum homes are willing to create for you from the above point of view, all aluminum home actual occupancy experience sense of full marks is not too much, lived all aluminum home decoration home, good.

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