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The environmental protection transformation of the home furnishing industry, the whole aluminum home furnishing has great prospects in the future

All aluminum homes with "material environmental protection, green pollution-free, environmental protection, farewell to formaldehyde" and other quality characteristics, in recent years have been actively promoted by the state; ​the whole aluminum home furnishing industry has also been recognized and understood by more and more consumers, and gradually entered the "spring of vigorous development".

From the micro level, aluminum processing materials are important, renewable and environmental protection materials for the national economy and people's livelihood. The appearance of aluminum furniture conforms to the national policy and direction of expanding the use of aluminum processing materials, extending production capacity, energy conservation and environmental protection.

From the perspective of green environmental protection, with the development of Chinese society, the improvement of people's quality of life. At the same time, the health consciousness is also strengthened. The society's call for new, healthy and environmental protection of home decoration materials is becoming more and more intense.

On the one hand, aluminum instead of wood, the emergence of all aluminum homes to realize the concept of cutting down less trees, for our home to retain a piece of green.

50ac90aa450581dc716dcd95a5f18c67On the other hand, it also solves many pain points existing in wooden homes, and gives a satisfactory answer: green environmental protection, no odor, no pollution, that is, installed and live, waterproof, moisture-proof, fire retardant, moth proof, mildew proof, no deformation, easy to clean, long life, recyclable, recycling and other characteristics.

Under the "growing" requirements of healthy and environmental protection home life, "aluminum instead of wood" home has become an inevitable trend. The new industry of aluminum home will usher in unprecedented development opportunities.

From the point of view of technology, all aluminum households use advanced surface treatment technology, so that it not only meets the consumer's demand for functionality and practicality, but also meets the consumer's pursuit of home design beauty. Driven by design innovation, to enhance the competitiveness of products and systems, the style of products is modern, light luxury, minimalist design, the high-end texture of aluminum metal into home products, so that all aluminum homes are converted into thousands of households across the country.

From the perspective of intelligence, the whole home furnishing industry is exploring the combination of products and intelligence, and introducing more and more intelligent products. The advantages of intelligent aluminum homes are obvious: aluminum material is light in quality, strong in strength, easy to process and form, and may be damaged by repeated mechanical activities much smaller than wood or panel furniture; ​the use of aluminum alloy composite materials for all aluminum homes makes the electronic smart home better expanded; ​the process of making a smart home out of wood or sheet is more complex, which raises the cost.

With the popularization of environmental awareness, the promotion of health awareness, and the progress of science and technology, the production process of all-aluminum home furnishing is becoming increasingly mature. It will become the vane of the development of green home furnishing, leading to the new reform of the home furnishing industry, and is widely used in home decoration and tooling products. In the future, a "healthy ANaldehyde" aluminum home will become the favorite of thousands of families, becoming an unstoppable trend.

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