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The advantage that whole aluminium lives in is analysed

Furniture is an indispensable element in our daily life, through which we can see a person's quality of life, habits, living atmosphere. Nowadays, "health and environmental protection" is increasingly popular. In the home furnishing industry, all-aluminum furniture has gradually replaced the traditional wooden furniture with this advantage. Of course, to understand the products of this new age, we must begin with its advantages.

Healthy and environmentally friendly zero formaldehyde

As we all know, formaldehyde exceeds the standard is an invisible killer endangering human safety in home life. And the use of all aluminum custom furniture, there will be no general furniture formaldehyde exceeding the standard.

And now metal materials from mining to processing and use, and then to the elimination of the social environment will not cause a waste of resources, can be reused, high utilization rate of resource products, not to damage the ecological environment.

4b90058913ade66e57c665d37bfdbd2fKeep away from trouble

Furniture made of aluminum alloy has strong heat resistance and can withstand high temperatures without being destroyed. In addition to withstanding the test of fire, reduce losses, but also has the effect of moisture.

​Arrive in damp weather, a lot of families may have such trouble. The clothes in the cabinet or shoes come out to discover mildew. This is because wood has the characteristic that absorbs moisture, and aluminium alloy is a metallic material, does not suck moisture, won't produce mildew phenomenon.

Changeable shape, fashionable and practical

Aluminum alloy furniture can use the color of imitation wood grain series, color processing is delicate and delicate, very lifelike. All aluminum furniture also has top line, Roman columns, European side panels and other designs, and can be flexible modeling. ​It presents a beautiful and generous sense of fashion.

Easy to clean · Clean and tidy

Aluminum alloy furniture surface smooth, easy to scrub because it uses metal material, so compared with plates, solid wood furniture has the advantages of no water seepage, especially in aluminum alloy furniture, bathroom and kitchen. Choosing not only can be waterproof, and easy to clean, giving a person the neat and comfortable, clean and clear can also extend the service life of furniture.

50f7085fa575255aee9091ab7bf7bbdeFirm and durable · not easy to deform

We all know diamonds are very hard, but few people know, in fact aluminum alloy and diamond are equally hard, the hardness grade is 10. Aluminum alloy was originally selected in doors and Windows, guardrail series, in strength, hardness, thickness, density and waterproof moistureproof have undergone industry testing, and then turned into furniture products, regardless of performance and service life than the general solid wood, plate more firm and durable.

In the manufacturing process of traditional panel furniture, particleboard, fiberboard and plywood all need to add a lot of adhesive to form, and formaldehyde is in the adhesive, and the existence of formaldehyde in traditional furniture has become the inevitable reason.

And all aluminum homes are the use of aluminum splicing homes, avoiding the use of these adhesives, is zero formaldehyde health homes. Accordingly, a lot of manufacturers rolled out the furniture of zero formaldehyde in succession. All aluminum household manufacturing process, in addition to aluminum, do not add any other materials, no materials containing formaldehyde, truly achieve zero formaldehyde.

So are you also worried about the harm of formaldehyde by traditional furniture?

Still have a lot of consumers to also encounter such things: the furniture that bought newly, still useless a few months have different degree craze, because the plank that chooses on one hand has quality doubt. Still, an important reason is traditional furniture, not moistureproof not moth-proof, appears craze case very easily.

After the introduction of an all-aluminum environment-friendly home, it carries the expectations of countless people. It is not only the break of zero formaldehyde of furniture, but also the perfect treatment of moisture-proof and moth-proof, no cracking and no deformation.

What is another important factor that all-aluminum furniture beats traditional furniture? Traditional furniture in the process of moving, usually it is difficult to take away, became the hearts of many moving owners regret. All aluminum households can be fast and convenient loading and unloading, can be used indefinitely. When moving, at any time and anywhere to take away, it becomes a real sense to take away the furniture.

So how long does all-aluminum furniture last?

Based on the experimental data,

All-aluminum homes have a life span of 50 years,

It also has super high recycling value,

Even when all aluminum furniture is abandoned,

Recycling aluminum also pays for a third of the cost.​

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