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Now young people decorate, home why choose aluminum rather than wood

With the improvement of people's living standard, more and more people have begun to live in new houses. It is followed by the pollution problem of urban living environment and the health problem of residents. Household pollution has become the third major indoor environmental pollution problem after building pollution and decoration pollution.

As we know, the harmful gases in the home mainly include formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC and other pollutants, and formaldehyde can be said to be the main hidden danger.

In addition, the wood home process is complex and tedious, especially the drying process and spraying process. The production process is more energy consumption, more carcinogens, deformation and cracking after air drying water erosion, odor, formaldehyde release is higher.

In addition, wood raw materials inevitably appear damp, flammable and other problems, especially plum rain, mold is inevitable, damage can not be recycled, not only short service life, to our natural resources and ecological environment protection is also a great consumption. When DECORATING IN BRIDAL CHAMBER SO, SHOULD CONSIDER OUTFIT BUDGET NOT ONLY, SHOULD CONSIDER WHETHER FURNITURE IS ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION MORE, LEST PRODUCE HARM TO THE BODY. And aluminum furniture, its EACH performance far exceeds traditional woodiness furniture, the pain point of woodiness furniture can avoid.

First of all, wood environmental protection to eliminate formaldehyde. The raw material of aluminum furniture is aluminum alloy, which is extruded by high temperatures. Its metal nature is destined to keep it away from formaldehyde.

2e32d5aef9dffd75c90f6a3f46ef4840In addition, aluminum furniture is generally honeycomb board, profile insert board and other plates, through welding, clamping, locking and other ways of link, will not be like granular board glue and extrusion, do not add adhesives, paint and other chemicals, long-term use will not damage health.

Aluminum furniture is stylish and easy to process. The traditional wood household style is less, the function is single, the shape is old, and the platinum fen all aluminum household can avoid the wood furniture style and the shape and other problems, the color is more, the function is full, the appearance level and the strength coexist, with a long time will not be outdated.

Aluminum furniture simplifies supply, demand and installation. Aluminum furniture adopts profile sliding link mode, the process is much less than wood furniture, and the surface is smooth, no holes, the appearance of integrity is strong. More importantly, the delivery time is short, easy to handle, simple assembly, the day of the installation can be done to check in, very worry, effort and cost saving.

Aluminum furniture is waterproof, moisture-proof, fireproof and flame retardant. Woodiness furniture maintenance difficulties, can't let the sun direct illuminate, not too cold or too wet too dry environment to stay too long, otherwise easy to mildew insects, deformation and cracking, and the aluminum furniture is waterproof moistureproof the excellent properties of fire retardant and unafraid of damp environment, not afraid of water immersion corrosion, can reduce family fires, very convenient and maintenance.

Aluminum furniture is durable. All the time, wood furniture is easy to scratch, wood paint off, deformation and other problems, and aluminum furniture hardness is high, good toughness, corrosion resistance, resistance to yellowing, not deformation cracking, the service life can reach more than 50 years, very durable.

Not only that, aluminum furniture greatly reduces energy consumption in the production process, with ultra-high recyclable value. If wooden furniture is eliminated, the recovery rate is basically zero.

New house decoration, not only to health and environmental protection, but also to warm and comfortable, more grade, as soon as possible to choose an aluminum home!

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