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Now popular all aluminum home, from the source to eliminate formaldehyde problem

After buying a new house, facing the biggest problem is decoration. A lot of friends in order to save some money, so as to choose those low price decoration materials, it is easy to encounter a lot of inferior materials.

After using them, the home will be filled with all kinds of harmful gases, especially formaldehyde, which seriously exceeds the standard. Formaldehyde is particularly harmful to us, and it will endanger our lives seriously.

With the development of aluminum alloy technology, it is only a matter of time to use all aluminum furniture to replace traditional granular composite panel furniture. Now wood furniture, which has been popular for decades, is slowly replaced by aluminum furniture, just like aluminum alloy windows replacing wooden windows.

In ancient times, "talk about the tiger changing color"

Now there is "talk aldehyde discoloration"

"Formaldehyde" has become the number one killer of indoor pollution!

The so-called desperate cure

1a22a2f6ae5f077d52da0fed49b1a18fPeople started shopping in Shanghai online.​

It's all about price, it's all about price,

"Formaldehyde removal products" are selling very well.

You know, formaldehyde is the world's problem, its life is up to 15 years.

The PERSON THAT DECORATED BOARD TYPE FURNITURE CAN BE CLEAR, CAN APPEAR IN THE TIME THAT CONTROLS 3 YEARS AT MOST DAMP MILDEW, SEAL EDGE TO DEGLUE CRAZE, PAINT FADE TO WAIT FOR PHENOMENON SUCH AS PAN WHITE, APPEAR IN THE SOUTH ESPECIALLY WHEN RETURN TIDE, ESPECIALLY APPARENT. In peacetime can not be washed. Once met with water, it will emit through the paint robe, harming human health. Even in a dry environment, a little longer time door will be easy to warm. This is now unable to solve the problem, not only affect the appearance but also accumulate dust.

So why can't we solve the problem of formaldehyde from the source? In addition to aldehyde to find the right method, the decoration has to choose the right material, decoration materials first choice of aluminum home, fire, waterproof, insect-proof ant, formaldehyde free.

c305e3bd08bed7498c256407e6f8b68eStill struggling with your furniture selection?

All aluminum home vs. wood furniture

All aluminum homes as new environmentally friendly home materials. All aluminum homes are aluminum rods through high temperature extrusion molding, surface spraying high temperature heat transfer processing. The whole production process does not contain any glue component, to avoid the harm to the human body due to formaldehyde release. The particulate composite board itself contains many harmful substances, the particulate composite board itself will release volatile organic compounds, and the installation process used in the paint also contains toluene, formaldehyde, etc.

Due to raw materials, process formula and other reasons, especially the board made of waste wood recycling, the residual harmful substances such as lead, barium, chromium, mercury and vinyl chloride have serious harm to people's health, especially to children. But the whole aluminum home is completely put an end to this kind of pollution from the raw materials, itself does not contain harmful substances, and aluminum rod extrusion at high temperature, and in the decoration process does not need paint glue, the way of locking installation, is the real environmental protection products, live at ease.

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