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In fact, aluminum home furnishing can better meet the requirements of decoration

People spend two thirds of their time at home, and the quality of their home decoration is crucial. After living standard rises, people also are more and more exquisite to household, decorate already want beautiful want health again.

Had to decorate experience knows that, even if again busy finding time to run the building materials market also choose materials, shop around to find decorate companies, three days two head run decorate construction site supervision and quality, from start to finish, less two or three months, more than half a year, a lot of people decorate the exhausted, said they don't want to be the second decoration.

The traditional materials of the whole house are not necessarily reliable, but the decoration materials used in the whole house of the whole aluminum home living must be reliable. Can only say that the whole aluminum home decoration new house is very safe "aldehyde"!

Nowadays, many all-aluminum home furnishing manufacturers are no longer limited to the product itself, and put forward the concept of whole house decoration. Compared with traditional decoration materials, all-aluminum home furnishing has obvious development advantages in the field of whole house decoration.

eb3ac3534536a6268917663f9e4e38a4Live experience/direct customization

Aluminum homes are generally equipped with model rooms in factories or exclusive stores. VR experience is also widely used to make owners feel more intuitive and clear.

Clear style positioning, if the ready-made style is not satisfied, but also to achieve private customization, perfect hardcover, enjoy an art warm home.

When applied to the whole house, the advantages are more obvious. The real experience shows more of the overall effect of the whole aluminum home installation at home. The appearance of the home is clearly presented, the style and decoration are coordinated, and the overall effect is absolutely satisfactory.

All aluminum homes are hard and strong.​

All aluminum household profiles of good quality, hard, fast installation, good fixation, easy to disassemble, can be directly connected with the lock. Hard at the same time, flexibility can not be underestimated, can do a variety of modelling, beautiful and durable two not wrong, truly meet the actual needs of decoration owners.

​The decoration process is a simple, improper sucker.​

Decorate owners do not dare to try an easy whole house outfit. Being afraid of a pit is the main concern. Traditional decorate material decorate process trival and complex, the average owner cannot understand the reason among them at all.

And all aluminum homes are different, because of the innovation of the process, the process is simple, more processes have been completed in the factory, at the construction site, direct installation can be, even the decoration owners can understand these installation processes, there is no jerry-cutting, no experience can understand, no longer afraid of being pit.

No more running to the building materials market

All aluminum home furnishing can not only be used for furniture decoration, but also for the decoration of the top, from the top to the furniture surface, for the owners, save the time to run to the decoration market to choose decoration materials.

In addition, including the whole aluminum home installation needs to use a series of auxiliary materials such as the skirting line, Yang Angle line, Roman column, the store will give you a complete set, do not need to cost the owner another idea to find.

3103bfe09b2c07e4d6afc5a995f34da4No more ventilation waiting

Finish decorating needs ventilated air basks in the harmful gas that releases to decorate material for a period of time. This has become common sense to everybody. And in recent years the case that because decorate formaldehyde causes leukaemia to appear frequently also sounded alarm bells to everybody.

All aluminum home cattle in the decoration without ventilation, even after the decoration can be moved in. Material itself from the selection of materials and production process are environmentally friendly, and the installation process does not need to use harmful gas auxiliary materials, simple processes to avoid the pollution caused by material stacking. Real material can be seen!

In this age of individuality

The house is like a shirt.​

We need to get out of the rut.​

Break with tradition and standards

Avoid theories and rules

Creating new possibilities

Highlight the personality and attitude of space

All of this

Full aluminium household

To meet you

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