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How can it be so good with all aluminum?

For the choice of furniture, a lot of people are suffering. There are a lot of entanglements in material selection and daily maintenance, general family furniture, nothing more than some of the following situations:

1, open the window ventilation for months, still a pungent smell

2, cabinet body damp mildew phenomenon, began to appear ugly mildew spots

3, the cabinet door can not be maintained for long then cracking phenomenon, affecting the appearance.​

dd4cde9d49fe4c98be7f7ddb2edff087But!!!​ Is the same furniture, other people's homes all aluminum home decoration so good? Did not appear already cupboard body mildew phenomenon also did not appear cupboard door craze phenomenon, the most important is, the person's home is installed enter directly, one day also did not wait, install namely the rhythm that lives.

Later, Xiaobian understood the aluminum home, finally understood, only sigh: had known should have chosen the aluminum home!

Traditional decorating what gets most is grain plank, and because of the elements such as weather, material, time, cabinet body unavoidable can appear craze or be moldy circumstances. The furniture that makes with real wood appears to craze is a very common phenomenon. As a result of climatic reasons, it can still bring about craze to enlarge being out of shape, the appearance level that affects furniture seriously and service life.

​Additionally, if you encounter much rainy season, the plum rain season of the south of Yangtze river, for example, the climate is damp, general tradition decorates material to do not have waterproof, moisture proof function, cabinet body appears ugly mildew spot very ugly.

All-aluminum furniture will neither crack nor mold. It is an example with aluminium alloy whole aluminium household, refine aluminium rod by mineral substance, classics high temperature extrude and become surface high temperature spray, use German high temperature heat transfer printing technology, accordingly, need not worry about meeting occurrence craze completely.

​Traditional decoration will inevitably have a pungent taste. That is because the traditional decoration with paint is very pungent taste. The most important thing is that these traditional decoration materials will release formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia and other toxic substances, harm the health of the body.

All aluminum household is called "zero formaldehyde" products, higher than the national E0 standard. Of course, it's absolutely "formaldehyde free" and all aluminum furniture doesn't have any bad smell. You can move in immediately after loading!

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