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How about an all-aluminum home? All aluminum integral wardrobe after use

So if you want to really all aluminum homes, or want to see, touch, to choose to know all aluminum homes is good.

Used friends give the whole aluminum wardrobe some use after feeling.

1, aluminum overall wardrobe belongs to the metal class. The main material is aluminum. Aluminum density is the lowest in the metal class, the lightest, used for furniture, light does not occupy the position, can store more clothes.

2. The whole aluminum wardrobe itself is not easy to be eroded by water vapor, and has a longer life than the plate wardrobe.

3, all aluminum coated on the surface of a whole wardrobe, resin overlay, using thermal transfer technology, the appearance of fine can often keep in more than 30 years, avoid the chest of all aluminium oxide black, of course, in coated and paste a piece of wood will be used in formaldehyde glue is very little, though formaldehyde-free far-fetched, but compared to wood, it is trivial.

The above is just some views on some friends who have used an all-aluminum overall wardrobe combined with the characteristics of the product. First, we need to know whether the all-aluminum home is good or not.​ You still have to see for yourself if it's right for your partner.

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