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Home pollution, need all aluminum furniture to save!

Review whole household building materials market, live in place by traditional woodiness all the time for a long time "rule". Although the household product that people contact ferial is a man-made plank is made more, it still leaves the category that cannot woodwork.

Nowadays, with the popularization of environmental awareness and the progress of science and technology, all walks of life are gradually turning "green". Aluminum alloy and other environmental profiles began to be favored by manufacturers and consumers.

Formaldehyde - the number one source of household pollution

In fact, China's aluminum production is far greater than the market demand, and the emergence of all-aluminum furniture lets the aluminum industry talent see hope, see such a huge profit point. It is understood that the biggest pollution source of China's interior decoration is formaldehyde. When formaldehyde reaches a certain concentration indoors, people will feel uncomfortable.

Studies have found that when indoor formaldehyde concentration is greater than 0.08m3, it will cause red eyes, throat discomfort, hoarseness and so on. Long-term exposure to formaldehyde can also cause respiratory dysfunction and liver toxic lesions, manifested as liver cell damage, abnormal liver radiation energy, etc. It seems that the harm of formaldehyde is very worthy of our attention.

4850018576845c06221990f7c4f4e87dAll-aluminum home furnishing -- health product of new era

Material green: Aluminum is the most readily available and reusable material on earth. Its production and manufacturing process does not pollute the environment or cause any damage to human health. All aluminum homes are far from a 酫, no benzene, non-toxic, no radiation, no pollution, recyclable and other advantages, absolutely green environmental protection.

Aluminum alloy profile home has good moistureproof, fire prevention, anti-corrosion, heat insulation, home surface through finishing or film processing, even if in a damp environment for a long time is not easy to deformation, decay, breeding bacteria, greatly extended the life of the home.

Not only that, aluminum alloy home at the same time also has insect-resistant ants, impact resistance, no odor, no deformation, easy to clean, strong edge sealing, super durability and other characteristics. Moreover, aluminum alloy profiles for hollow structure, light weight, the material is 70 times lighter than the same volume of bricks, only one-third of the weight of stainless steel.

At present, the traditional home industry is having a headache because of environmental protection regulation, and all kinds of tangible and intangible costs have formed a high-pressure situation, and the pressure of price increase is difficult to eradicate. Look for substitute for traditional household material, control cost is imperative, of aluminium alloy chest, ambry appear, make course of study of traditional home resides an opponent hard to underestimate, of aluminium alloy material pledges appear, gave the dawn that lives in a person to hope it seems.

Moreover, in the long run, with the continuous lack of forest resources, people's attention to green sustainable life is improved, aluminum alloy profiles with its light quality, high strength, good processing performance, recycling and reuse characteristics, will be widely used in household production.

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