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Home industry is about to enter the era of aluminum home

In recent years, the whole home furnishing industry is surging, while the traditional wooden home is developing slowly. The all-aluminum home is rising rapidly with its advantages of environmental protection, health and pollution-free.

Get market consumer warm chase after in both hands, make household market on the hot"sweet property hot", break household industry in woodiness household alone big situation

All aluminum home development momentum is strong, many originally only do aluminum production of large enterprises have "test the water" all aluminum home industry. Many industry experts are also very optimistic about all aluminum home industry, and even predict the next three to five years, the home industry is about to enter the era of all aluminum home!

The all-aluminum home furnishing industry is generally optimistic, and not for nothing.

0024979b25b635c5d46ca7829cbcaab8First, national policy support, promoting the development of the aluminum home furnishing industry.​

China is a big producer of electrolytic aluminum. In 2019, China's output of electrolytic aluminum reached 35.044 million tons. Aluminum overcapacity is one of the prominent problems in China's aluminum industry and even the world's aluminum industry.

Since 2017, China Non-ferrous Metals Industry Association has continuously promoted the application of aluminum industry in more fields, focusing on the production and application of aluminum alloy furniture and expanding the application of aluminum in the civil field.

In addition, China is paying more and more attention to environmental protection. In the process of promoting national economic development, "we should have both gold and silver mountains, and clear waters and green mountains", and vigorously develop the environmental protection industry.

To promote the development of the aluminum home furnishing industry and advocate "replacing wood with aluminum" is not only a great strategy of national environmental protection resources, but also a great strategy to solve China's aluminum overcapacity.​

01209b115aa8149260b52dc26b5bf8acTwo, the time is calling, consumer demand to help fly the development of the aluminum home industry.​

According to the 2019 China Home Furnishing Consumer Insight Report, among many home decoration considerations, environmental protection is the primary concern of nearly 30 percent of consumers.

Compared with traditional furniture, environmental protection formaldehyde free has undoubtedly become the best weapon in the market competition of all aluminum furniture, so the strong rise of all aluminum homes in the home market is naturally taken for granted.​

Secondly, with the continuous improvement of China's economic development, people's living standards are also improving. The "post-80s" and "post-90s" crowd, who began to become the mainstay of society, pay more attention to the quality of the home environment,

Stay again to the requirement of household at product all ready. On applicable this one primary level, their pursuit to individual character is more intense, like to try the thing of fresh, extraordinary.

All aluminum home customization can be based on the needs of different customers, without any site restrictions, truly personalized whole house customization, to meet the different functional needs of customers.

All-aluminum home customization is the product of the development of The Times, is the product of the common choice of consumers.

Three, their own advantages are significant "wood no aluminum, no aluminum, wood aluminum strong"

Traditional carpentry furniture developed inside world limits history is long. A very important reason is before industrial development level is not tall, the usable material choice that makes household is not much, together with lumber resources before relatively sufficient, so before people accept use carpentry furniture generally.

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