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Formaldehyde as the first killer of home, all aluminum home can be avoided

According to relevant inspection data, indoor air pollution in most families is 5-10 times higher than outdoors. Indoor pollution has become the cause of a number of diseases, and formaldehyde as one of the most important aspects of indoor vacancy pollution, more and more attention has been paid to.In the traditional wardrobe manufacturing process, particleboard, fiberboard, plywood need to add a lot of adhesive to shape, and formaldehyde exists in the adhesive, so in the traditional home, there is often a lot of formaldehyde.

And all aluminum homes as aluminum profile production splicing homes, avoid the use of these adhesives, are really zero formaldehyde health homes. Accordingly, a lot of manufacturers rolled out the furniture of zero formaldehyde in succession.

Aluminum furniture is made of high quality aluminum alloy profile, the surface has two anti-oxidation treatments, anti-corrosion, anti-rust, moisture-proof, insect resistant...... Color variety, basic to white, wood grain color.

2d6770a66fd0a6480c234d06a0431130Aluminum profiles are widely used in airplanes, high-speed trains and subways, high-grade doors and windows, rice cookers and toothpaste tubes. Aluminum profiles are recognized as environment-friendly materials in the home furnishing industry. Materials determine quality, and raw material environmental protection can put an end to the source of decoration pollution.

Only such strong and durable products can pass numerous tests. Only in this way can all-aluminum products dare to say that they can bear the spirit of craftsman, quality first! Its household products are not afraid of fire, water, fall, do not change color, zero formaldehyde, after a long time of use, still bright as new, elegant demeanor shines on people! All aluminum home advantages are very obvious. Of course, these advantages are based on a point: quality. Only high quality products can meet these functions.

All aluminum homes avoid the odor hazards of traditional wood and artificial boards. In the strength, hardness, thickness, density and waterproof moistureproof is obvious to all! Then turn to furniture products, regardless of performance and service life through repeated experimental tests, strong durability. Macroscopically speaking, energy saving and environmental protection are increasingly the trend. An all-aluminum home can not only maintain and recycle, but also lend a helping hand in energy saving and environmental protection.

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