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Environmental protection is the moral bottom line that decorates material

The slogan of environmental protection decoration has been shouted for many years, but look at the home decoration now, it is still ventilated after two or three months to dare to enter. Where does decoration pollution come from? It is not a simple material, but the pollution superposition of all kinds of materials and links in the decoration process, including furniture, etc., are the source of decoration pollution.

Because decorating pollution is unavoidable, the name is "air detects with management". The industry captures business opportunity sails set sail.

See here owners can not help but want to ask - environmental protection products are fake? Decoration pollution really can't avoid it?

Not of course, the mainest still is oneself discern. In addition to buying genuine environmental decoration materials, we should pay more attention to avoiding the process that may cause pollution in the decoration process.

In recent years, the most popular environmental building materials market is all-aluminum furniture. All kinds of publicity are everywhere, from the Internet to exhibitions and stores. All aluminum homes after all reliable, is it true environmental protection? Today xiaobian for you to have a good popular science

fac0e5343115e3faa39984fc7370c2c7First, all-aluminum homes are really a good thing. To the most common aluminum alloy on the market at present, for example, the product raw material is made of aviation "aluminum", the raw material itself is environmental protection will not release formaldehyde and other harmful substances, from the source to environmental protection home installed on the first safety line; ​from the northern hemisphere, the angle of the sun gradually decreases, narrowing the gap between day and night.

Secondly in terms of installation, the installation of the whole aluminum furniture USES the way is different with the traditional materials, lock type joining together to understand the installation can use the building blocks, do not use chemical glue containing toxic substances such as material, material is simple to use, simple process, to avoid the complex process of accumulation, decorate pollution from the installation process to the environmental protection is installed on the second line of defense

Finally, the indoor situation after the installation, on the basis of ensuring the purchase of furniture are environmental protection products, without ventilation the second day can move in, there is no pollution excessive trouble, use will not release formaldehyde and other harmful substances, to environmental protection homes installed on the third line of defense.

In fact, the advantages of all-aluminum furniture are far more than these, from design, material selection to construction, compared with traditional decoration materials, all-aluminum furniture is really trustworthy. These advantages satisfied consumers to decorate the core requirement to a certain extent.​

The life grade of people is higher and higher now, and more and more strict to furniture requirements also, because this is in material choice respect and can also be spent longer. If you are interested in this aspect, you can pay more attention to all aluminum furniture, which can generally reflect the taste of the owner, but also make the whole interior space more atmospheric and neat and beautiful.

If you want to wear a crown, you must bear its weight. All aluminum homes have many advantages that everyone with vision can see, but their own shortcomings or needs to face up to.

No one is perfect. There is no perfect product in this world. The key is which point you look at. When you get to this point, you need to do it! All aluminum home furnaces, which hard needs do you meet, and what are you not satisfied with?

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