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Do not use these 3 materials in homes far away from indoor air pollution

The "nightmare" that haunts us as humans is everywhere in our lives. There are ancient "tiger color", now "talk about aldehyde color change", formaldehyde can be seen to be harmful to human beings.

Formaldehyde content is the highest, the most, or in the newly decorated house, the formaldehyde lurking in the home can be volatile for 3-15 years. And formaldehyde is also hidden in these three materials, becoming the culprit of indoor air pollution! Formaldehyde volatilizes for 3-15 years!

Do not use these 3 materials in homes away from leukemia

Type 1: glue

No aldehyde is not glue, glue contains a lot of formaldehyde. The formaldehyde content of inferior glue is several times higher than that of qualified glue, so we must pay attention to when choosing glue in decoration.

The second: artificial plate

Now many people like to use artificial plates to replace the solid wood plate, although the similarity between the two is very high, but the formaldehyde content in the artificial plate is much higher than the formaldehyde content of the solid wood plate.

7e4c8c0b59d9a047e3cae3e12323c7b6​Third: all kinds of decorative dyes

Various decorative dyes also contain a lot of formaldehyde, so when we decorate, we must not only pay attention to the color of the new house, but also pay attention to health!

Ann Aldehyde​

Formaldehyde everywhere all aluminum homes are born!

All-aluminum home with the characteristics of "environmental protection, green, 0 formaldehyde, no pollution, no odor, no radiation, etc." has been strongly advocated and supported by the country, becoming a new direction leading the traditional furniture market!

All aluminum homes are made of aluminum alloy material, and because of the different process, all aluminum furniture is used to plug, mortise and tenon, welding, screws and other fixed with less than adhesive, at the same time is extruded large material, also will not like splice wood using a lot of adhesive, do not have to worry about formaldehyde.

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