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Decoration requirements are high it doesn't matter, all aluminum home can still meet!

What are the requirements of decoration products for owners? Quality is the first, efficiency can not fall, high appearance level can not be less, but looking at the whole home furnishing industry, high appearance level, high cost performance and high efficiency products are extremely scarce, meet one may be missing the other two or three.

With the emergence of an all-aluminum home, the problem that panel furniture is difficult to meet many needs of owners has also seen a hope to solve. Whether it is the case of tooling or home decoration, it has been proved that an all-aluminum home is worth choosing.

The actual basic needs of the user it comes to meet

1, waterproof, moisture proof. Let the cabinet body no longer appear mildew, fall off phenomenon, in the south rainy, humid area is especially applicable. With superior performance of improvement and stripping, easy to clean, can be directly washed with water and clean sanitation, not rotten.

2. The fire. All aluminum furniture has strong heat resistance. The test shows that it can withstand the temperature difference of 200℃ without damage. Even if the whole ignited after being placed on it, after a long time burning also loss-less its surface, to overcome the shortcomings of the general plate can not withstand burning. All aluminum household fire grade B1, that is, non-combustible building materials, in line with fire protection requirements, improve safety.

5a05d9500c8bf6b5299a468c994100863. Healthy and environmentally friendly. For decoration pollution problem serious modern society, decoration materials health and environmental protection is imminent, all aluminum home aluminum alloy profile structure, do not add how adhesive, no formaldehyde smell, to meet the needs of owners environmental protection, in line with the highest international E0 standard.

4, strong and durable. The household that makes it with aluminous profile, its static bend strength, hold nail force, inside union strength is woodiness plank 4 times above, and the 60% that quality is woodiness plank only, having 50 years of super long use fixed number of years.

In fast-paced times, decoration efficiency must be high

Busy modern to decorate a demand to have a bit is efficiency is high, time is money, in decorating it takes half a year to waste how much energy.

All aluminum home decoration efficiency is high, eliminating multiple complex processes, buckle plate type assembly, compared with the traditional decoration, speed increase more than a little.

Look at the face of the era, the decoration effect is satisfactory.​

Have to admit that now is a look at the face of the era, the level of high appearance of things is sought after, house decoration is also so. A home with a high level of appearance not only makes you feel good, but also makes friends and family look good when they visit.

Everyone has high requirements for decoration style and beauty, so as to have a pleasant living environment. After all, everyone has a love of beauty, and everyone will prefer beautiful things. The all-aluminum home has a beautiful appearance and a variety of styles, which can create Chinese, American, European and other styles. The all-aluminum home can also meet the needs of customization and create the imagination in your mind.

So all aluminum homes to meet the owners of a number of decoration needs, really stand in the owner's point of view, to solve the problems of traditional decoration, let the home become what you want, choose all aluminum homes, will not regret!

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