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Decoration mistakes do you know?

Don't wait until the house is finished to discover the problem, which will leave you with regrets. Now the house price increases every year, for ordinary people, buying a house is a big thing difficult, after buying decoration is a no small expenditure,

Because decorate is to be able to do not just, still involve a lot of all sorts of building materials purchase, decorate, construction, supervise, even later period is cleaned, so a lot of consumers hope to spend material benefit money one-time enjoy lifelong quality guarantee. That's what every consumer wants.

In fact, as we have learned, a lot of furniture of inferior traditional board type has not been decorated now 3 years to begin to appear heat bilge cold shrink, become discoloured fade, or be out of shape arch, break down the phenomenon such as directly even.

The most terrible thing is that we have to wait 1-3 years after the decoration to move in, but still can not change its paint formaldehyde hazards and other problems. So at present on the market all aluminum furniture decoration will be how?

58b94c15e5cac7f3cdb1a629893a5ae4All aluminum furniture with lock installation, after professional guidance, ordinary carpenter master will install, furniture surface does not need any paint processing, you can carry the bag to stay, save labor, save time, without long wait, let you quickly into a new home.

Aluminum furniture is rich in color, wood grain pattern is diverse, can transform a variety of styles, its biggest characteristic is a strong sense of three-dimensional, with concave convex surface, so that consumers enjoy the 3D visual effect.

Any furniture decoration has a certain service life, with the passage of time will have different degrees of aging, and even door panels fall off broken. And aging resistance, long service life is a feature of our all aluminum furniture, aluminum alloy strength, not easy to deformation, a set of exquisite all aluminum furniture, really can feel at ease and "aldehyde" enjoy for many years.

According to the test results of weatherability, heat preservation and sound insulation of all aluminum furniture, its aging process is a very slow process. All aluminum furniture can last for about 50 years.

Health is what everybody pursues, have healthy body, ability pursues better life, because this consumer is very to decorate it is to take seriously. General tradition decorates the most common is paint, but paint all has pungent peculiar smell, still can produce toxic gas such as a lot of formaldehyde. Our all-aluminum furniture solves these problems.

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