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Decoration, all aluminum home carefully!

The annual decoration golden period has come, the building materials market ran all over, the traditional decoration price cheap decoration effect is not satisfactory; ​The decoration effect is too high; ​the cost is appropriate and the decoration effect can also be satisfied, and the pollution is larger after installation...... Must use a word to describe the preparation work before decorating, that affirmation is -- heart tired + exhaustion, heart is almost collapse!

​I want to ensure that the decoration effect and environmental protection are satisfied within the budget. Is it really so difficult?

Actually not difficult, decorate not so heart tired, the premise is to choose the whole aluminum household. With all aluminum home decoration, it is really comfortable.

d28a6645bc8474c9b11868c584b4b7e1Material selection plan comfortable, all aluminum homes let you worry

Now the whole decoration is the major trend of decoration development, so the choice of all aluminum home decoration can one-stop solve the problem of this part of the home with the largest area, and avoid the trouble of running the decoration market many times.

After selecting materials, the next step is to decide the style and decoration plan. On set whole to decorate a plan, can according to owner demand tailor-made home outfit plan, the choice of style and door design all set out from the actual situation of owner. The details can be adjusted and optimized according to the actual needs of the owner until the owner confirms the construction.

​The decoration process is comfortable, all aluminum homes let you worry.​

With full aluminum home decoration, the most enjoyable is the construction process. Traditional construction is fast, half a month, slow is 2, 3 months, front and back to run the site to see the progress, supervision quality, the cost of heart naturally needless to say. The moment of finishing the installation can be described as escape from the sea of suffering.

The construction process of an all-aluminum home is different from the traditional decoration. The whole installation process can be understood as the splicing of building blocks on site. Because many processes of aluminum home furnishing have been completed in the factory in the production stage, the actual decoration only needs splicing and installation of main materials and auxiliary materials according to the effect drawing. The whole installation process, whether it is the use of profiles or installation progress, is very transparent, and consumers can clearly understand and master the decoration progress.

Of course, although the installation of all-aluminum home is like the work of building blocks on site, there are still certain technical requirements for installation, mainly reflected in the details of product installation. So all aluminum home decoration process owners need to do a good job of supervision and inspection details. In short, the choice of aluminum home decoration, compared with the traditional decoration, really makes a person extremely comfortable.

92a678d1178f4141f9cebd20a04be69bDecoration effects are comfortable, all aluminum homes make you worry.​

The decoration effect of aluminum home has always been talked about, the basic reduction of decoration design, what you see is what you get. At present, all aluminum home furnishing is still a new decorative material for consumers. The market is not fully popularized, and many consumers have not been in contact with it.

Therefore, the first contact with all aluminum homes is attracted by its overall decorative effect. If a friend comes to the home, the decoration effect of all aluminum homes also makes people twice face!

As for the cost and decoration pollution that we worry about, the price the seller gives you when choosing the aluminum home decoration scheme is the price after completion, there will be no new project charge problem, the price is transparent; ​although the price is slightly more expensive than traditional panel furniture, the cost performance is very high considering the labor cost saving and the decoration experience enjoyed in the whole process.

In addition, the decoration pollution problem that we are most concerned about does not exist here in the whole aluminum home. The environmental protection level of the whole aluminum home reaches E0 level, and the formaldehyde content is far below the national standard, which can be almost ignored. In use will not release formaldehyde and other harmful substances, after cleaning the decoration can be moved in.

The good of whole aluminum household is not blown out, it wins good public praise by real ability, the market is hot also not without reason, but consumers can not be greedy for cheap products, cause remorse. The appearance of all aluminum home furnishing is actually reducing the burden of decoration! Whether the owners or decoration workers, contact are really feeling all aluminum home good. How, after reading whether you are also like me for all aluminum home enchanted and action?

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