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Aluminum home, why can beat the traditional wooden furniture?

32cef03f03a4fcc72453f469e24805d4As we all know, new things from birth to development are undoubtedly a tortuous journey, but in all kinds of, including the Vietnamese household industry, why all aluminum household repeatedly beat traditional wooden furniture, subtly changed the consumers used to treat wooden furniture only dependence.

First, aluminum furniture is safer than wooden furniture

Traditional wood furniture is poorly sealed, and the kitchen itself is a damp, germy place for cooking, which brings cockroaches and other small animals to the cupboard where you cook every day.

Full aluminum cabinet basin, baffle and the integration of the table without any gap, cabinet body aluminum alloy material seamless welding molding, bacteria reproduction can depend on

Advantage two, all aluminum home closure is good - no insects

If you encounter water for a long time, it is easy to expand and leads to cracking. If you encounter acid and alkali, it is easy to corrosion, deformation and discoloration, which will lead to decay in the long term. All aluminum home cabinet is all aluminum alloy material, never deformation and decay.

Arrive hardware meticulously on fittings, every screw, do not discount ground insists to use aluminium alloy, anticorrosion, prevent ageing, although water is washed completely, no problem also.

ae2fc221d04e3769deae5e5708fed53eAdvantage three, all aluminum home use - long life

All aluminum homes have the characteristics of firm, stable, aluminum alloy has a sense of thick and solid, long service life, good quality all aluminum homes with imported hardware, a perfect kitchen cabinet can be used for a lifetime without any problems.

And wooden cabinets can generally be used for eight years or so to be replaced. All aluminum homes, even if the small parts between the cabinet are connected with the lock, without adhesive, fundamentally eliminate formaldehyde pollution, truly achieve safety "zero formaldehyde".

Finally, an aluminum home is easy to clean, and never changes color, a lot of other wooden furniture cabinet with a long time will change color old, and the advantage of aluminum homes is always new, can not see the service life.

Woodiness furniture is touched with oil being soiled, very time-consuming and laborious when dirty things need to be cleaned, and can fade, when they want to change afresh, can cause 2 pollution, and the amount of aluminium alloy whole avoided the source of 2 pollution completely, still can have recycling value.

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