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Aluminum home, the new favorite of The Times!

Complete aluminium household opened brand-new in China "with aluminium acting wood" household times. It not only meets the user's pursuit of a fashionable and beautiful home, but also it is made of all aluminum alloy, without adding any adhesive and any materials containing formaldehyde, no magnetic radiation, no antibacterial odor, healthy and environmental protection directly hit the current home industry consumption pain points, loved by users.

This year, all-aluminum home furnishing has even been included in the "Central Budget Units government Centralized Procurement Catalogue and Standard (2020 edition)" issued by The General Office of the State Council, which is destined to be the trend of the future all-aluminum home furnishing.

​I want to know before this, because our country decorates pollution every year sick, the case that endangers life is common. The main culprit is formaldehyde pollution produced by furniture and decoration materials, such as the inevitable use of paint, glue and so on in decoration, which may lead to formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC, ammonia and other toxic and harmful gases exceeding the standard, thus causing harm to our human body.

It is like an invisible killer lurking around us, and with the heat of summer, these toxic gases will increase with the temperature, with the release of 20 to 30 percent higher than normal. So if you're renovating your new home, consider an all-aluminum custom home.

c1880dbd860422549e1f94f8f8c028f3What do all aluminum home products contain?

All-aluminum household products refer to all-aluminum furniture with aluminum alloy profiles. Its products mainly include seven cabinet families: wardrobe, cabinet, bathroom cabinet, wine cabinet, shoe cabinet, bookcase and balcony cabinet.

Aluminum alloy profiles were originally used for doors and windows, in strength, hardness, thickness, density and waterproof moistureproof on the obvious. Then turn to furniture products, regardless of performance and service life have been tested repeatedly, strong durability, and green environmental protection.

All aluminum household products from profile to production to transportation and installation, the whole process is free of formaldehyde, is a true sense of zero formaldehyde.

Its appearance is fashionable and beautiful, you can choose smooth or textured styles according to your preferences for private customization. All-aluminum home furnishing not only accords with the low-carbon energy saving call advocated by the country in recent years, compared with traditional home furnishing products, it can better protect human health and give the majority of owners a natural and fresh, environmentally friendly and healthy home life.

In a word, the emergence of all-aluminum homes has solved the problems of traditional furniture for many years, such as easy damage to furniture, falling off of wood paint, cracking and deformation.

All aluminum furniture is environmentally friendly, paint-free, formaldehyde-free, and has the advantages of fire prevention, moth-proof, long-term blister and non-decay.

The development of all aluminum homes has become more and more mature. If you attach great importance to indoor environmental protection, then you might as well consider all aluminum homes will bring them home!

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