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Aluminum home furnishing field is developing continuously

In 2018, the asset scale of China's aluminum processing industry reached 813.6 billion yuan, accounting for 49% of the industrial asset scale, and the total income and profit of main business accounted for 61% and 57% of the aluminum industry, respectively.

Aluminum processing aluminum production and consumption, 12 consecutive years ranked first in the world. All-aluminum household is not only an important part of China's aluminum industry, but also an important engine to promote the sustainable development of the global aluminum processing industry.

With the continuous development of the aluminum processing industry, the field of all-aluminum home furnishing is also constantly developing forward. Compared with traditional furniture, it has won a blue sea in innovative performance, process upgrading and use experience.

01 Aluminum home furnishing solves two major problems

All aluminum homes are made of aluminum alloy profiles and processed home products (such as cabinets, wardrobes, wine cabinets, bookcases, bathroom cabinets, washing cabinets, shoe cabinets, etc.). The birth and development of all-aluminum household responded to the national call for "green environmental protection, energy regeneration, zero formaldehyde",

42b57078e182eea1322a7a5c3cd4247eOne is to solve the overcapacity for the domestic aluminum profile processing industry, find a new direction; ​the second is to solve the various social pain points of the plate home (fear of fire and water, formaldehyde exceeding the standard, moldy and perishable, cutting trees, multiple pollution, etc.).

Full aluminium household in order to "green environmental protection, purify air, zero formaldehyde, no radiation, no pollution, no peculiar smell waterproof, moistureproof, mouldproof corrosion, insect-resistant moth-proofing, fire retardant, easy processing, can be customized, hardness is strong, do not fade, impact resistance, deformation, easy to clean, recyclable, recycling use", and many other advantages, subvert the traditional concepts of solid wood furniture and board type furniture, Leading the furniture market into a new era of "aluminum instead of wood" and "aluminum instead of steel".

02 Full aluminum household products coverage

All aluminum household products, from doors and windows and household products, industrial profiles, to medical instruments and aluminum, involve more than 90% of the fields and products, the scope of coverage continues to extend and expand.

All-aluminum homes have three categories: daily household furniture, education and office, and sports and medical care.

(1) Daily household furniture: cabinet, wine cabinet, wardrobe, bookcase, TV cabinet, dining table, shoe cabinet, bathroom cabinet, washing closet, tea table, bed, screen, aquarium, chair, ladder, integrated aluminum ceiling, aluminum doors and Windows, aluminum doors and Windows accessories, sun room, quadrangle, pavilion, grape frame, stair railings, etc.;

(2) Education office: desks and chairs for students, centralized office partition, class desk, tables and chairs for conference rooms, etc.;

(3) Sports medicine: hospital beds, crutches, wheelchairs, first aid kits, stretchers, park seats, etc.

6954432ff402b748a7f51def6f41cebeNational and global aluminum processing cost rise, raw materials, limited energy and other factors restrict the development of the aluminum processing industry, relying on scientific and technological innovation, to expand the field of aluminum application, is an important development goal of the current aluminum processing industry to achieve transformation and upgrading!

All aluminum home furnishing industry has difficulties in urgent need of breakthrough

As a new industry, all-aluminum household is still in the initial stage of development, and there are still many difficulties to overcome. How to distance the product from the expectation and demand of consumers;

​product design, production technology, structure and style still have a lot of room for improvement; ​can not complete large-scale, capacity production, production process and finished product assembly efficiency is not high; ​terminal recognition and acceptance are not high.

Furniture market development space is very large, especially office furniture, all aluminum furniture industry competition in the field can put far enlarge eye - is not limited to industry, all in stick to process, quality and service at the same time, abandon the "price war", put an end to all kinds of inline malicious competition, go with the traditional furniture market category (solid wood, plate, etc.) to grab market share.

Aluminum home furnishing needs to move from professionalism to national development.​

All aluminum home furnishing needs to develop from the current industry to the national development, industry group development, learn from each other, learn from each other, in order to make the product more refined, more specialized.

All-aluminum household needs to rely on the strength of community cohesion and industry innovation driven, group development, in order to better promote the development of this "green environmental protection, zero formaldehyde, recycling" emerging industry!

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