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Aluminum home decoration process streamlined clear

The trouble of life is always one thing after another when there is no house for the house to rush about very not easy to have a house, began to rush about for decoration...... Finally finished, the decoration began to run about in order to decorate the sequela said that the decoration time is long, the process is much, the details are tedious if the house is like looking for an object to get married that decoration must be a movie, experiencing the choice, happy, difficult, all kinds of turning points, scratching the heart and scratching the lung eventually does not necessarily have a good result!

Nowadays, with the acceleration of urbanization, more and more people buy houses, and with that comes decoration. This decoration ah, it is afraid that most people are very "headache", the decoration process makes people tired, very not easy to finish decoration, a lot of people think everything is OK.​

35cbbf5ce09bcc610bdf338991f92f7aNO, there is a follow-up work to be done after the decoration of traditional panel furniture, such as cleaning up the site, waiting for formaldehyde elimination and so on. Surely by this time you already have two big heads.

The big push

The appearance of all aluminum homes can be said to be the Gospel of the decoration industry, not only to solve a big push in the decoration process of trouble, but also to solve the trouble of the work after the decoration.

In general, if the decoration materials choose all aluminum homes, in the selection of good materials to determine the moment, you can feel at ease when the shopkeeper!

Working procedure is less, with the decoration garbage discard goodbye!

First of all, after finishing the decoration, we must face the work of cleaning formaldehyde in the house. The traditional decoration construction steps are cumbersome, the process is complex, will produce a lot of toxic pollution decoration garbage, cleaning up the cycle is long and difficult.

All aluminum adopts modular lock assembly, shortening the construction period, avoiding the superposition of complex processes in the process, so the waste generated in the decoration process is less, and the site construction environment is good. The use of all aluminum home decoration, the late construction site cleaning is much easier than traditional decoration, and can save a lot of effort for you.


Green environmental protection, and decoration pollution say goodbye

Finish cleaning up the decoration construction, the next will be moved into the new house. After the decoration of the new house, everyone's heart is full of expectations, full of joy to immediately move in.

However, traditional wooden decoration will produce a lot of pollution, like formaldehyde and other toxic substances are very harmful to the body, to wait for formaldehyde dissipation rear can be moved in. The heart is willing but the force is insufficient, either wait for a year and a half wind, or spend extra money to find a professional body dealing with formaldehyde, formaldehyde harm is still lurking for 15 years.​

Carry on

But if the decoration uses all aluminum homes, immediately installed immediately live without waiting for the wish can be immediately satisfied! Aluminum homes are very safe and healthy, starting from raw materials is green products, from production to construction links do not produce pollution and formaldehyde and other toxic and harmful gases, and aluminum home to national E0 level standards, can be said to be "zero formaldehyde" products.

Do I have to wait to check in? There's no need to wait. The all-aluminum home is safe and environmentally friendly, which can be used at ease.

Easy to clean, all aluminum household stains do not worry

Don't worry about formaldehyde in the new house, does not mean that the next can rest easily, life is followed by the problem of cleaning furniture. A lot of people can discover bridal chamber enters before long, furniture begins a "dirty" rose.

As the elapse of time, the home has besmirch also is an inevitable thing, especially the family that has a child in the home should experience deeper, the child loves to play, loves to make, furniture is hard to avoid by the child "masterpiece" one time.

Furniture besmirch is very stubborn, move light wipe not clean besmirch, move focus again afraid to destroy this furniture. If you use all aluminum furniture, home cleaning is no longer an issue!

Because the surface spraying heat transfer printing material of aluminum home has high strength and wipe resistance, cleaning is very convenient, and the home has stains without fear, and can be removed by wiping with wet cloth. A pile of follow-up work after decorating is really annoying, not decorating simply.

If you want to be the owner of the decoration, easily and have no worries in the new house, choose all aluminum homes.

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