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All aluminum home to be the pioneer of green home industry

All aluminum homes to improve the human home environment and efforts

Full aluminium household has been promoted in the modern household space utilization. All aluminum furniture instead of woodiness furniture to create a living home art, is also given in the contemporary city under the condition of worsening environmental pollution. Humans to improve the ecological environment protect nature's desire is more urgent. Will "the humanities, natural, harmonious" creative value will bring more surprise to you.

Product advantage
Brand advantage

1. First-class design team

With a professional design team, to create intelligent, environmental protection, fashionable, beautiful aluminum home products, dedicated to the research and development of new styles, new structure, lead users to truly enjoy the new home, spread the concept of healthy home, design in line with the international, with the vanguard to meet the peak.

7c2d47ab2f4ccac3e5ee04120d0d84f22. Strong process support

With rich technical achievements, excellent technology research and development ability, for the rapid growth of enterprises and industry upgrade to provide strong support.

3. Integrated production base

In Foshan, have of aluminum in the name of a big drain has more than 30000 square meters of production base and more than 20000 square meters warehouse, also has 2000 m squared exhibition hall, equipped with industry leading production equipment, a reasonable mode of production to ensure the equalization and standardization production, annual production and delivery period industry leading level, won the customer the consistent high praise.

6240577299d269f6fff1eeb3749386b14.12 large series of products with 8 large spaces​

It takes functional modules as the research and development basis, takes product style as the series guidance, and takes fashion and light luxury as the design aesthetics. The development of: Kitchen series, wine cabinet series, bookcase engineering series, side cabinet series, wardrobe series, bathroom cabinet series, hotel engineering series, hospital engineering series, school engineering series, office engineering series, villa engineering series, outdoor engineering series, a total of 12 series of products, Covers the entry space, kitchen space, living room space, bedroom space, bathroom space, balcony space, functional room space, study space 8 living space.

An all-aluminum home. We're serious

All aluminum homes are based on science and technology, continuous innovation, strict quality control, fine in fine, perfect in perfect.

Enjoy a smart life, customized by Platinum Fen. All aluminum home furnishing, with the concept of green home furnishing as the core and innovative design trend as the guide, integrates new materials, new technology and new lifestyle with intelligent, customized and personalized needs, and continuously enables the transformation and upgrading of the green home furnishing industry.

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