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All aluminum home is about to explode the 100 billion yuan home customization market

All aluminum homes since the birth of five to ten years ago, in the market have been a little niche. It is this period of silent anonymous years, all aluminum home enterprises immersed in research, technology and technology has been a qualitative leap. In the present time node ushered in the outbreak of the situation, perhaps, the word trend is the best answer.

The grand proposition given by this era of household health

The COVID-19 pandemic has profoundly affected the development of the home furnishing industry, and consumers' willingness to choose healthy home furnishing is significantly strong. All aluminum home to the health of the substrate environmental protection industry, its rise is the most sonorous response to the trend of The Times.

The whole aluminum home base material is mainly aluminum alloy. The products not only need to go through multiple internal tests, but also need to pass the detection and certification of multiple professional institutions. It can be said that the quality and safety of each set of products are closely related to the future .

5c1a19fe7c40d6cd55641db1911231c0A better life is what people look forward to in the future.​

​A Happy home life is the most honest desire of every consumer. However, formaldehyde exceeds the standard, infests insect ants, mold breeding, three years on the bed and other traditional home products can not bring the ideal life to consumers. On the contrary, this kind of home is often the consumer on the road to happiness inadvertently buried thunder.

All aluminum home upholstery let consumers live a more comfortable home life this concept, in the design, process, material three dimensions of continuous pursuit of innovation, to create a set of water, fire, mildew and other advantages in one of the new all aluminum home products.

Continuous innovation is the inexhaustible power to promote the development of enterprises.​

Innovation and upgrading are the source of power for the continuous development of enterprises. Our efforts to build a 20-day delivery system have begun to pay off. The birth of this system can be said to be another feat in the all-aluminum home industry.

The 20-day delivery system not only offers less and clearer waiting times, but also more standardized products, shorter installation times, and lower installation difficulty. It is no exaggeration to say that this is a perfect two-way upgrade of technology and service.

All kinds of signs show that the rise of the aluminum home industry is unstoppable, the aluminum home sword refers to 100 billion customized market has been exposed.

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