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All aluminum home into home decoration trend

Now the whole house has become a big trend of home decoration, carrying bags. This is too busy modern for, decorate means of a temptation undoubtedly, but also have many decorate owners to put forward such decorate means depend after all spectrum?

The traditional materials of the whole house are not necessarily reliable, but the decoration materials used in the whole house of the whole aluminum home must be reliable. Can only say that the whole aluminum home decoration new house is very safe "aldehyde" thief rest assured

For decoration companies, the application of traditional decoration materials will appear the effect is not guaranteed, good-looking useless, involving a large amount of money, the decoration process is complex and easy to be pit, decoration pollution and other problems, so the whole package is more than half a bag or cleaning bag bad? I don't know. Material is a big part of it.

With the development of the industry, many all-aluminum home furnishing manufacturers are no longer limited to the product itself, and put forward the concept of whole-house decoration. Compared with traditional decoration materials, all-aluminum home furnishing has obvious development advantages in the field of whole-house decoration

Live experience · Direct customization

Aluminum homes, no matter whether in the factory or store, generally have a model room, VR experience is also widely used, decoration owners feel more intuitive and clear.

Clear style positioning, if the ready-made style is not satisfied, but also to achieve private customization, perfect hardcover, enjoy the warmth of the home with art.

When applied to the whole house, the advantages are more obvious. The real experience shows more of the overall effect of the whole aluminum home installation at home. The appearance of the home is clearly presented, the style and decoration are coordinated, and the overall effect is absolutely satisfactory.

c547f79ce2af4e24e8017cc1c49991dcAll aluminum homes are hard and strong.​

All aluminum home plates are of good quality, hard, fast installation, good fixation and easy disassembly. Can be directly connected by locking mode. Hard at the same time, flexibility can not be underestimated, can do a variety of modelling, beautiful and durable two not wrong, truly meet the actual needs of decoration owners.

Applied to the whole house, to ensure the quality of decoration materials, not only let the home have a beautiful, but also a sense of excellent experience, durable, as new as time.

The decoration process is simple and clear.​

Decorate owners do not dare to try an easy whole house outfit. Being afraid of a pit is the main concern. Traditional decorate material decorate process trival and complex, the average owner cannot understand the reason among them at all. And all aluminum homes are different. Because of the innovation of the process, the process is simple, more processes have been completed in the factory,

In construction sites, direct installation can, even if it is not professional decorate owner to also be able to understand these installation working procedures, have jerry-built, owner also can look out, again not afraid of pit.

Ease the burden of decoration

All aluminum home plate health and environmental protection, aluminum formaldehyde content is zero, namely the highest international standard. And all the year round can be decorated, not by the limitations of the season or the weather, the real realization of that is to live, immediately settle in a new home to solve a variety of troubles, making the mood more cheerful.

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