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All aluminum home in the end is paper tiger, or formaldehyde terminator?

In today's society, the problem of environmental protection gets the attention of the masses, especially in the aspect of family decoration, more and more people pay attention to the choice of environmental protection building materials.

Because the harmful knowledge of indoor air pollution has spread like wildfire in society, especially formaldehyde pollution, many people understand its terrible place. Therefore, many businesses have put a function of removing formaldehyde on their products.

But do you know how difficult formaldehyde is?

Two or three years of living in a house will still exceed formaldehyde levels!

Formaldehyde is divided into short-term release and long-term release. The formaldehyde release time in the decoration materials such as artificial plates is about 3-15 years. There have been testing cases that show that some houses that have lived for 3 years still exceed the formaldehyde standard. The high intensity release period of formaldehyde in a newly decorated house is about 2-3 years.

Formaldehyde is not the only house after decoration!

In addition to the common paint, furniture, boards, adhesives have a lot of formaldehyde, carpets, curtains, sheets, new clothes and other home products also have different degrees of formaldehyde.

f8d87c4f6e3ac1b8daafd67730e004afNational standards stipulate the highest allowable concentration of formaldehyde in the air of the bedroom is 0.08 mg/cubic meter, and the formaldehyde concentration exceeds this standard three times in the word, it is to smell any taste, that is to say, from the degree of suitable for people to live still poor very far.

Bare-handed is certainly not, you may need skin for you to prepare this artifact - all aluminum homes.

All aluminum homes, as the name implies, are made of aluminum alloy materials carefully, fixed by way of plug, mortise and tenon, welding, screws and so on. In the production process, there is no need to add how to bond, that is, there is no need to add any formaldehyde components of the material, which fundamentally solves the formaldehyde problem.

Waterproof, fireproof, insect-proof: all-aluminum home customization is made of all-aluminum alloy profile structure, not afraid of water and moisture, can be directly washed with water and clean sanitation, never rot. And all aluminum home customization has strong heat resistance, the test shows that the ability to withstand ultra-high temperature difference is not destroyed, and even if the whole ignited after placed on it, after a long time burning is also non-destructive of its surface, to overcome the shortcomings of the general plate can not withstand burning. All aluminum home custom made products are extremely hard, not afraid of any bugs, even termites.

No smell, no deformation: all aluminum furniture is made of aluminum alloy profiles, plastic steel connectors in a clean environment, no smell, and with high strength aluminum alloy profiles, no moisture absorption and temperature expansion coefficient is very small, so it will not produce deformation.

Easy to clean: all aluminum homes can be customized with detergent and water, easy to clean.

Sealing edge firm, good durability: all aluminum home custom aluminum profile structure will not appear common plate door to paste or hot composite sealing edge degumming problem. All aluminum home customization through deep oxidation, spraying and other surface treatment to meet the quality requirements of outdoor curtain wall, surface hardness of more than 10 degrees Wechsler, to ensure the durability of products for decades unchanged advantages.

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