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All aluminum home furnishing, one-stop home decoration, let you save money and trouble

The outfit after buying a house is the difficult problem that bothers everybody again. After all, "home" is the end-result of everybody, everybody does not want to settle for. But the huge down payment on a house has forced many people to scrimp and save only to pay the mortgage. They don't have enough budget for their renovation and are forced to choose cheap renovation.

​The interior plank one buys, asks a teacher one dozen, goes back and forth the building materials market runs a few............every day

Is there a misconception about saving money?

The existence of the whole aluminum home completely hangs the traditional decoration, one-stop home decoration, lets you save money and save trouble, also quick to come up with a small notebook.

a6e21fdf823fa0d448095bc65cbd6201① Contrast process

Traditional board type furniture: can brush lacquer several times, taste is pungent, after handling good installation furniture, ventilated air is basked in even a few months, less 3 months, more as long as half a year, when waiting to enter the flower thanked. And paint and plates contain a lot of formaldehyde, which will harm human health.

All aluminum home: eliminate the traditional decoration of multiple processes, the use of modular structure and buckle type installation, save time and labor, generally can be installed in a few days, that is installed that stay, without waiting.

The materials used are green, pollution-free, formaldehyde is almost zero, zero formaldehyde added throughout the process, you can rest assured to stay.

② Compare employment

Traditional decorate: carpentry installs time limit for a project slow, per capita daily salary good several hundred, this zhang calculates come down, cost money extremely. The process is complex, the construction period is long, but also easy to appear disputes buck-passing phenomenon, laborious, for office workers, unbearable suffering.

All-aluminum household: it can be completed in 2-5 days by two workers. The convenient installation saves most of the construction period, saves labor costs to the greatest extent, and successfully protects your bank card.

③ Contrast quality

Traditional decoration: from picking material, choosing workers to finding decoration company, everything pro for, but also worry about decoration material, busy faint day dark ground. Everyday routine is to go back and forth between work place and new home, from time to time to the home decoration store to visit this, cross-stitch eye, can not see why.

It is not easy to wait until the completion of the construction, and found that the decoration effect is far from what is in mind. A few years later, because of all kinds of problems, it had to be refurbished again. that kind of depressing.

All-aluminum home furnishing: one-stop home decoration, decoration is carried out completely in accordance with the design drawings, what you see is what you get, so that you do not need to worry about. Choose a variety of styles, beautiful atmosphere, but also personalized customization. It has a long life, saves you a lot of money on renovations, and lets you live in your dream home without any worries.

fd92522faf9aaaf5517d682d16320097What are the advantages of all aluminum homes?​

The first environmental protection strong zero formaldehyde

In recent years, there are more and more public places and choose all aluminium household that occupy the home, one of the major factors is the whole aluminum zero formaldehyde to release a household, its material is more environmental protection, can avoid the indirect pollution, long-term use of whole aluminum household will not affect the indoor air environment, will not harm your family's health, all aluminum household to create healthy living environment that occupy the home.

The second waterproof is excellent: whether it is wood home products or metal home products, in addition to external damage, the most important is the damp after the rot, and the material structure of the recognized Guangdong aluminum home science, and waterproof super, can avoid the problem of decay, also do not need to be damp and headache

The third temperature insulation is strong: the heat resistance of all aluminum furniture is excellent, and it will not destroy the protective layer of the surface at higher temperature, which can avoid burning of the plate, especially in winter when the climate is relatively dry, it can also avoid fire, reduce the overall fire protection investment, and can make one party more safe.

Fourth insect ant and puncture resistance: wooden furniture needs each quarter to the surface and internal bug ant prevention, and the whole aluminum household hardness is higher, so you can avoid rats, also can prevent termites bite pecking. Not only that, all aluminum household impact resistance is stronger, so all can be used in a variety of environmental conditions, high flexural folding strength, can be replenished.

If you are still envious of other people's high-grade decoration, if you are still trying to choose low-cost materials, it is better to choose a cost-effective aluminum home. Environmental protection, health and no aldehyde, appearance level and online, not only improve the quality of life, but also enhance the "home" happiness index!

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