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All aluminum home furnishing future can be expected!

At present, the potential new category of China's pan-home furnishing industry is not "all-aluminum home furnishing". Starting from 2015, the all-aluminum home furnishing industry is in an emerging stage with an average annual growth rate of more than 30%. The market is booming!

Aluminum home furnishing is a good choice for you to look for new blue ocean, new projects and new business opportunities.

What are all aluminum homes?

Aluminum home is a new decoration material introduced in recent years, with aluminum alloy profile as the plate, the surface after spraying, wood grain, coating and other processes, and then the use of aluminum alloy design card slot and other plastic hardware fittings splicing home cabinet body,

Its biggest characteristic is stereo feeling is very strong, has the surface of concave convex feeling, it is the generational product that solid wood lives in, board type lives in.

Aluminum materials used in all aluminum households are mostly non-standard 6063-T5 aluminum bars. The surface process of aluminum profiles is divided into oxidation, electrophoretic painting, fluorocarbon spraying, powder spraying, wood grain transfer printing, film covering processing, etc.

All aluminum household aluminum profile surface treatment to wood grain heat transfer technology. All aluminum household products are directly assembled by the installation master without any surface treatment afterwards.

53ab26828223ed0949990877d60c9b2dThe benefits of an all-aluminum home

​all-aluminum home is the replacement of traditional wood panel home products. "aluminum instead of wood" is the biggest characteristic of all-aluminum home.

One of the most serious drawbacks of traditional wooden panel furniture is generally not environmental protection, a large amount of formaldehyde, and to volatilize several years, because of decoration pollution and lead to cancer and even death of the news is not a few.

At the same time, board type furniture cabinet is easy to damp and then moldy yellow, formaldehyde exceeds the standard seriously, cabinet often can be eaten by insects and mice and so on.

The main points are as follows:

1, moisture-proof: all aluminum home products themselves have no moisture content, it is not easy to absorb water, and there will be no deformation, warping and other phenomena after log soaking in water.

Therefore, all aluminum homes can be used in water, a relatively humid environment, such as basement, kitchen, toilet.

2, fire prevention: aluminum home is based on mineral aluminum raw material, using high temperature extrusion molding. Surface spray thermal transfer processing product surface treatment color variety, has a strong heat resistance.

The test shows that the aluminum home can withstand the temperature of 200℃ without being destroyed, overcome the general wooden plate can not withstand the shortcomings of burning.

All aluminum homes have very strong fire and flame retardant performance, the surface melting point of more than 2000 degrees, Even if reached this temperature, all aluminum home products will only melt, will not expand the scope of fire.

Therefore, ordinary fire is helpless to all aluminum homes. All aluminum home products also prevent the smoke that causes harm to the human body, reduce the hidden danger of fire, but also reduce the casualties caused by smoke when fire occurs.

990086028fdebbffd1e608d5def6edc93, environmental protection and energy saving: China is a big aluminum producer, aluminum production capacity is sufficient. All aluminum homes have zero a 酫, no benzene, non-toxic, no radiation, no pollution, recyclable and other advantages, absolutely green environmental protection.

In addition, compared with wooden households, all aluminum households still have moth-proof ant, waterproof flame retardant, short production cycle and other advantages.

At the same time, all-aluminum household products are made from a series of processing of mineral resources, which can be reused. Therefore, all-aluminum household products can be recycled and will not cause resource waste and ecological environment damage to the social environment.

4, that is to live: compared with the traditional furniture decoration plate, all aluminum homes are completely free of formaldehyde. All aluminum household is aluminum rod through high temperature extrusion molding, surface spraying high temperature heat transfer processing, the whole production process does not contain any glue components, completely avoiding the material due to the release of formaldehyde harm to the human body.

This is the realization of the concept of immediate containment. In the installation, the installation of all aluminum homes only needs to assemble the plate, so the installation generally only needs two workers, convenient and fast, but also greatly saves the labor cost.

All aluminum home prices​

Most of the prices of aluminum homes are focused on aluminum profiles, if compared with ordinary particleboards, particle boards, laminate furniture, aluminum furniture is relatively expensive. But compared with natural solid wood furniture, the price of an all-aluminum home is relatively acceptable to ordinary consumers.

As a supplement to the home furnishing market, all aluminum home furnishing is only a supplement to the current market, so that the majority of social friends have a choice, a new direction for health!

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