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All-aluminum home furnishing brings you cost performance and health

​Buying a new house to live in a new house is a great happiness in life, but the formaldehyde decoration has become a potential hazard to the family. Data show that 90% of the new homes have formaldehyde exceeding the standard. Formaldehyde will cause respiratory inflammation, memory decline, fatigue, childhood leukemia and other serious consequences.

A lot of furniture businessmen drilled this loophole at present, in the production process of furniture, use unqualified plank, bring about formaldehyde content to exceed bid. Therefore, the media often exposed a cabinet a closet used for 8 months formaldehyde exceeded 10 times, use for 9 months still has a strong smell, more even use of 5 years of cabinet formaldehyde emission test is still exceeded and other sensational news.

If the integral chest in the home and other furniture formaldehyde exceed bid how to do it? Get online check data, what bamboo charcoal, plant divides flavour law? On the method of removing formaldehyde after decoration, opinions vary on the Internet, but are these methods really scientific and effective? Xiaobian here for everyone to sort out the rumors and misunderstandings of the decoration in addition to formaldehyde, hope to cause the vigilance of owners' friends!

In addition to formaldehyde, several big rumors, have you heard?

73afb5e63cd998034a9cf7152c9c38c101, plants in addition to formaldehyde

Green plants under the action of sunlight can absorb carbon dioxide in the air, produce oxygen, to achieve the effect of fresh air. This led people to believe that plants could also remove formaldehyde. In the environment containing a lot of formaldehyde, the plant itself is not safe, let alone to help humans to remove formaldehyde.

02, grapefruit skin, pineapple skin in addition to formaldehyde

Grapefruit peel and pineapple peel have their unique fruit flavor, rich and lasting, refreshing. In fact, folk rumors that they can be in addition to formaldehyde truth and vinegar, grapefruit skin, pineapple skin can not remove formaldehyde, they just use their own taste to cover up the taste of formaldehyde.

03, chemical reagents in addition to formaldehyde

Formaldehyde scavengers in the market are mostly pure chemical components.

Is the drug three points of poison, especially some inferior formaldehyde scavengers cost only two or three yuan. Its own chemical components are harmful to the human body. Even if it can react with formaldehyde, it can not ensure safety and health, cause secondary pollution.

04, activated carbon in addition to formaldehyde

CCTV Finance conducted tests on seven popular activated carbon products in May 2018, and found that the main ingredient in seven brands was carbonized material rather than activated carbon. After testing these products, none of them were qualified, and the so-called "activated carbon" sellers are mostly carbonized materials, not activated carbon at all.

It seems that consumers who want to move into new houses early can't solve the problem by activating carbon.

So, in the end, how to remove formaldehyde safe and reliable?

In addition to formaldehyde is not as formaldehyde, buy furniture with all aluminum homes, from the source to eliminate the generation of formaldehyde.

As we all know, the environmental protection performance of furniture depends on the environmental protection performance of the plate that accounts for 90% of its proportion.

Because ordinary wooden furniture will continue to release formaldehyde for 8-15 years, more than 99% of these formaldehyde comes from the artificial plate of furniture.

Therefore, in addition to formaldehyde is not as good as using all aluminum home zero formaldehyde release, the real safety and environmental protection core. All aluminum home furnishing can maintain the value of recycling, low consumption; ​more in energy saving and environmental protection to lend a helping hand.

68a4a7b1c2cdb4a196b14274aa9f5bd3Now let's take a look at the main selling points of all-aluminum home furnaces:

Easy to assemble, fast and efficient.​

All aluminum homes only need material sawing, a piece of piecetogether, and then use special corner code accessories. Assembly can be a simple structure, no matter if you have a woodworking foundation, that is to see that will, low labor cost, installation out of work fast!

The shape is changeable, fashionable and practical.​

​With a variety of profiles, low cost! Profiles can be assembled at will with a variety of different styles of wardrobes, cabinets, hanging cabinets, shoe cabinets, bathroom cabinets, display cabinets, wine cabinets, office cabinets, TV cabinets, background wall and so on!

Reasonable design and firm structure

Aluminum household profile adopts high technology heat transfer printing wood grain spray color processing, composed of a variety of aluminum profiles, reasonable structure design, layer plate indirect joint is small, high bearing force, after assembling finished products firm and firm, in line with the principle of ergonomics.

4 Trend trend, broad prospects

The solid wood furniture and panel furniture formaldehyde exceeds bid not environmental protection. People living in this environment will be chronic poisoning, not waterproof moisture-proof fire, easy to change color spot mold deformation, which determines its service life is not long, and solve the problem above, all aluminum furniture, so instead of board type furniture is an inevitable trend.

5 Green zero formaldehyde

Zero formaldehyde, non-toxic, pollution-free, high environmental protection, coefficient, recyclable, guaranteed for fifty years; ​innovative ideas, scientific design; ​reasonable structure, simple and generous; ​aluminum alloy structure, highlight value; ​tight and firm, beautiful and durable; ​super strong antibacterial no odor.

6 Waterproof and fireproof

Cabinet body long-term soaking water does not rot, not mildew, cabinet body can be directly washed with detergent, easy to clean, not discoloration. Fire resistance: The cabinet body has super heat resistance, surface can be subjected to high temperature.

7 Moth-proof, no deformation

Strong hardness of cabinet, no need to worry about insect ants. Anti-collision, wear-resisting: cabinet does not absorb moisture, temperature expansion coefficient is small, will not produce deformation, cracking cabinet has super impact strength, knife cutting without damage.

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