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All aluminum home furnishing base

As one of the hottest products in the field of environmental protection building materials, all-aluminum home furnishing is becoming more and more popular with owners. Many people who do not understand the product will be more confused - aluminum home is so magical? Decorate the effect with it after all how good?

First of all, let's talk about the most obvious and well-known advantages of all-aluminum home furnishing.

All aluminum home is environmentally friendly and healthy

The surface of the all-aluminum home is made of environment-friendly materials, without any paint ingredients. The environmental protection grade reaches E0, and the decorated indoor environment has no peculiar smell, completely saying goodbye to the trouble brought by decoration pollution.

All aluminum home installation is quick and convenient

The all-aluminum home is designed with the traditional plate lock installation method, which can be installed directly. And the traditional decoration working procedure is tedious, see whether the weather is suitable to go up lacquer even. All aluminum home only need ordinary carpentry master can be installed, installation is very convenient.

0e7393a9163fd4bac266411a0556103aAll aluminum home furnishing has good function and performance

All aluminum home with moisture-proof performance, very suitable for the southern rainy season wind climate environment, but also with sound insulation, heat preservation and other performance.

Said all aluminum home so many benefits, home decoration if the use of all aluminum home, what benefits can be produced for consumers?

All-aluminum homes are made of aluminum alloy, the most abundant metal element in the earth's crust. In recent years, all aluminum home is like a sharp unstoppable "dark horse", with its advantages of zero methanol, health and environmental protection, waterproof, fireproof and moth-eaten, recyclable, and so on, gradually recognized by the industry and some consumers.

Extreme simplicity, ingenuity

In this flashy world, complete aluminum household resembles an additional kind -- what it pursues, it is acme concise only. Exquisite aluminum cabinets, suitable for small kitchens and open kitchens, is also the best choice for post-80s and post-90s.

27a18294cbce7f81a179fdd009f0289bAluminum home furnishing is easy to process

Most of the traditional furniture uses wood, wood molding is much slower than aluminum, reserves and easy processing degree are all-aluminum furniture is dominant, secondly, wood natural growth and non-recycling caused many defects.

All-aluminum home with zero formaldehyde

Because the process is different, all aluminum furniture is used plug, welding, screws and other fixed with less than adhesive, at the same time is extruded large material, also will not like splicing wood use a lot of adhesive, do not worry about formaldehyde.

All aluminum furniture has solved the problem of traditional furniture for many years

Due to the characteristics of aluminum, strength is much larger than wood, completely solve the problem of cracking and deformation, adapt to a variety of environmental temperature expansion coefficient is very small, with fire, moth-proof, long-term blister does not rot and other advantages.

Wooden furniture has always been easy to damage, surface scratch damage, wood paint off, fried paint. And aluminum alloy material is not easy to deformation, durable, deformation and other characteristics.

Aluminum home high ignition point (at least more than 600 degrees), can play a very good fire and flame retardant effect, greatly reduce the home caused by fire casualties. Wood home in a fire is easy to light, do not have the effect of fire and flame retardant

All-aluminum household has a service life of more than 50 years, and its durability can reach the service life of recycling, reducing the pollution to the environment. When wooden homes break down, they basically have to be replaced and have no recycling value.

Return to the truth of things to experience a simple and natural life! Really good products, do not need to pile up how gorgeous rhetoric, as long as you use your eyes, heart can feel!

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