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All aluminum home decoration material industry represents the new trend in the future

Some things can be measured in terms of money and some things absolutely can't, such as health, will always be priceless. "Health" is the eternal pursuit, reflected in all aspects of life, food, life and rest and so on, whether environmental protection is an important indicator of home health. In order to make the home environment more healthy, more people tend to choose green and healthy aluminum home decoration.

A decade ago, it was all about getting the most out of your hard-earned dollars. Nowadays, with the continuous improvement of living standards, consumers' pursuit of high-quality products is increasingly prominent, and a healthier lifestyle has become the pursuit of more people. Take home furnishing as an example. More and more people are choosing all-aluminum furniture over traditional panel furniture.

So, why has the home decoration wall material market of traditional panel furniture edge gradually replaced by a new generation of materials aluminum home?

badaa8a15588a2483fec9b0d3ad38fbeConsumers are increasingly willing to spend money on health

Formaldehyde, as the number one "invisible killer" of home decoration pollution, has been invading our lives in various forms, making people inevitably talk about aldehyde color change.

Generally speaking, the traditional decoration materials in the installation process must use glue and other adhesives, board furniture use glue in a large area, resulting in the release of indoor formaldehyde increased.

Aluminum household is a new generation of environmentally friendly furniture materials. In addition to the material itself reaching the E0 formaldehyde content standard, more important is that it adopts modular lock assembly in the installation process, to avoid the release of formaldehyde and other harmful gases because of glue. Therefore, in terms of health, consumers are more willing to pay for all-aluminum homes.

7857df88e0e32a97cecd0238d87730c7High cost performance is also an undeniable reason

Traditional board type household because of mildew, yellowing maintenance, a few years later in the second refresh, the cost is still not cheap. Moreover, particle composite board is not conducive to the development of physical and mental health, but does not eliminate formaldehyde, odor and other functions. Long-term use is even less cost-effective!

Panel furniture will foam, crimp, yellow, moldy, fall off, life 3-5 years or even shorter; ​traditional panel furniture will fall off the edge, yellowing, moldy, easy to attract insect ant erosion, life 3-5 years.

And all aluminum homes are not affected by moisture, do not fade, durable as a new life up to 50 years. Equivalent to one investment, lifetime use. ​can maximize the use of the benefits, can also reduce the investment of decoration again! As a result, all-aluminum furniture is not only much safer, but also much more powerful than regular panel furniture.

Environmental protection, healthy home life. People are increasingly eager for green building materials, green buildings and green homes. As a leading environmental furniture material, an all-aluminum home is favored by more and more people.

Looking at the overall situation, from "material culture needs" to "better life needs", the demand for green environmental protection is rising day by day, and all-aluminum home is taking the lead with its unique environmental protection and functionality, to create a green and healthy home life escort for the public!

Therefore, more and more people are willing to choose all-aluminum furniture rather than traditional panel furniture. It can also be said that this is not only the choice of consumers, but also the choice of The Times. Under the trend of green environmental protection in the building materials industry, the all-aluminum home furnishing industry to become a new consumption growth point has become inevitable.

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