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All aluminum home decoration easy to solve the big trouble

The progress of science and technology is to bring more convenience to life, decoration nature also has to follow the pace of The Times. Xiaobian here has a can for everyone to solve the above troubles of things, save time and labor, let you bid farewell to the decoration of "blood and tears history". I do not allow you to know!

Dangdang, all aluminum home shining debut.

What are all aluminum homes?

All aluminum homes, as the name implies, are carefully made of aluminum alloy materials. In the production process, there is no need to add any adhesive, that is, no need to add any formaldehyde ingredients, which fundamentally solves the problem of formaldehyde.

01, all aluminum homes = first-class material

Aluminum home according to the material, waterproof and moisture-proof performance is very good, the unique hollow structure, the continuation of the advantage of aluminum, wood materials will not appear dry crack phenomenon.

078f223565bf61643236b9436c34ccd302, all aluminum homes = safety and environmental protection

All aluminum home materials are green, pollution-free, will not use paint, coating, completely without any safety risks. And its fire rating reached B1 level, to meet the fire protection requirements of the project, safety and environmental protection. You have what do not rest assured?

03, all aluminum homes = easy installation

All aluminum home furnishing eliminates the traditional decoration of multiple processes, do not need to go through the repeated paint brushing and installation process to fill flat (gun nail eye) and other operations. Modular structure and buckle type installation, generally two workers can be installed in 2-5 days.

All aluminum homes save time and labor, simple and convenient operation, that is to install, no need to wait.

Of course, the advantages of the whole aluminum home are not limited to this. It still has fire retardant, moth-proof, super hardness, easy to scrub deformation and other benefits. It can be said to decorate furniture materials in the "fighter". It is the best choice for autumn decoration!

Had it, the family need not worry about decorating a problem again. It's all solved. Are you sure you don't want it?

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