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All aluminum furniture is superior to traditional furniture

According to relevant data, indoor air pollution is 5-10 times higher than outdoor, indoor pollution has become an important cause of a number of diseases (leukemia, respiratory diseases, etc.), and formaldehyde, as one of the main sources of indoor vacancy pollution, is getting more and more attention. So all aluminum furniture becomes the first choice of more and more customers!

Does your furniture have formaldehyde trouble?

Traditional solid wood furniture or panel furniture, in the splicing and edge sealing, more or less will join glue or adhesive, glue will not only eventually lead to fall off, but also formaldehyde and peculiar smell.

Many manufacturers are flouted to launch zero formaldehyde traditional panel household furniture, in fact, it is not, in the production process of traditional wardrobe, particleboard, fiberboard, plywood need to add a large number of adhesive to shape, and formaldehyde exists in the adhesive, the existence of traditional furniture formaldehyde has become an inevitable problem.

All aluminum home production process, with all aluminum alloy material manufacturing production, without adding any adhesive and any materials containing formaldehyde splicing, edge sealing, home products to achieve 0 formaldehyde. Smile to continue to find, a can not appear again you

80c2bf70cbf46658743e407e20c4bb95Traditional furniture is prone to deformation and cracking

Traditional furniture (furniture of real wood furniture, board type) everybody has such trouble, the time that buys obviously still does not have very long, appeared the circumstance of craze. This comes from two aspects: one is because the plate has quality problems; Second, traditional furniture is not waterproof, not moisture-proof, not mothproof, the use process is prone to deformation, cracking and other problems.

The introduction of all-aluminum home made of aluminum alloy is bearing the expectation of countless people. It is not only the breakthrough of zero formaldehyde in furniture, but also the result of moisture-proof, waterproof and moth-proof, which solves the problems of no cracking and deformation.

What is another important factor that all-aluminum furniture beats traditional furniture?

After the assembly and use of traditional furniture, when moving, it is generally difficult to take away, become the hearts of many moving owners regret. And the whole aluminum household is convenient to assemble and disassemble the effect, can realize infinite recycling, when moving, can disassemble and assemble easily, let the furniture that likes won't be "abandoned".

How long is the service life of all aluminum household?

Traditional solid wood furniture and board type furniture, service life only 7-8 years, short only 3-5 years, be about to be discarded and new, pollute the social environment again. The service life of all-aluminum home is as long as 30-50 years, which not only becomes an important factor to occupy the furniture market, but also has the advantages of recycling and reuse. All-aluminum home is eventually abandoned, and recycling can also change back 1/3 of the cost.

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