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Advocate green home, highlight the vitality of life, all aluminum furniture on the road

What are the essential home elements of the future? Is health, is environmental protection. Advocate green homes, highlight the vitality of life, all aluminum furniture on the road.

In recent years, frequent formaldehyde pollution accidents have made people shy away from traditional wooden furniture. Fortunately, the emergence of all aluminum homes, to meet people's demand for a healthy life.

With the exposure of the media, decoration formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful pollution sources for the family is gradually known by the public, then let's understand the big difference between traditional home and aluminum home in formaldehyde.

How hard is formaldehyde to eradicate?

First, traditional wood homes are basically by glue bonding and paint finishes, and "no aldehyde not glue" I think we all know, so wood homes are not a problem of formaldehyde, just a problem of how much.

Maybe we buy a single wood home or a few decorative boards. Even if there is formaldehyde, the harm is not so great, but when all these gathered in our home of 100 square meters, the harm to the family is highlighted.

1, do not want to have formaldehyde at home, and then remove formaldehyde; ​not to get rid of formaldehyde, just do the sealing treatment, let formaldehyde volatilize slowly, originally volatilized for ten years, "in addition to formaldehyde" may volatilize for fifteen years, if really can remove formaldehyde, they would have to compound plate factory to advertise their own.

50af6b65a6d2c8cf71866da2625458322, formaldehyde is generally less than 19 degrees is not volatile, so the harm of formaldehyde in winter heating when the most harm to people, because the summer window more time, and winter doors and Windows closed, heating, then the harm of formaldehyde to people is multiplied;

3. After finishing the decoration, open the window and ventilate for a few months before moving in, which can slightly relieve the smell of formaldehyde. But the current national standard for measuring formaldehyde is the release amount, so businesses try to seal the wood plate, so that the release cycle of formaldehyde reaches 5-15 years.

Are there new healthy choices for consumers?

In recent years, all aluminum homes are holding high the banner of health without aldehyde into the market, so that many consumers in pursuit of a healthy home environment see hope,

First of all, we can first understand what aspects of formaldehyde exceed the standard of panel furniture:

Formaldehyde emission of wooden furniture is not qualified;

17ce6c388f52cd5f388ee5d1f67f7385​the washing resistance of synthetic resin emulsion interior wall coating is not qualified.

Formaldehyde emission of plywood is not qualified;

​the static bending strength of MDF is not qualified.

Why can all aluminum homes in formaldehyde resistance be far superior to panel furniture?

As a metal material, aluminum alloy itself does not contain formaldehyde, which meets consumers' demand for furniture health and environmental protection. And with the increasing scarcity of forest resources, the country began to vigorously advocate the development of green industry.

All aluminum furniture also has a variety of traditional wooden furniture that cannot match the advantages. Wooden furniture is prone to scratch and collision damage.

Aluminum is an environmentally friendly and recyclable product. For enterprises and consumers, it has a lower cost and longer service life. The country advocates environmental protection, so it is bound to replace other materials in the future.

Damp and moldy problems are caused by the poor waterproof and moisture-proof performance of the plate. When it meets water, it is easy to damp and even moldy, and all aluminum homes will not have these problems.

All aluminum homes, modern and simple style, simple and bright lines, with straight and curved acme outline, fine digging, harmonious and smooth texture, extremely beautiful appeal, simply reflect a unique fashion.

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