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A door to the top of the ultra high door how to do?

e32b3c6b1d434ef1b18622f985a7122aBridal chamber is decorated most be afraid of what whole house custom-made ark does ugly, spent big price to still make very ugly cabinet, look at in the heart to regret every day to later period, so now popular advanced feeling is full. How does super high door cabinet body make?

Besides pure European type, the cupboard door of pure Chinese style, modelling must be contracted and simple, door plank does not do as far as possible absorb model door plank, do not touch the cupboard door of those flower and bird design more, hide ash easily and have a thick rustic breath.

Cupboard door must make the ultra high door that a door reaches the top, independent condole ark is not done above the chest, not only ugly still bad open cupboard door. At this time the likelihood somebody can say, the height is 2 meters 8 above.​

How can the cupboard door accomplish a door to reach the top, must break up below the circumstance that does not allow in height, priority is broken up below part, it is good-looking, 2 it is not to move stool to be able to open the cupboard door above 3 it is cupboard door shake handshake makes invisible design, contracted atmosphere is advanced.

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